Add to Your Fashion Statement with Spring Accessories

As spring arrives bringing the soft tread of make-believe Easter bunnies and the sweet taste of delicious Easter candy favorites, most women take stock of their spring wardrobe with an eye toward updating it with a few fashionable accessories. Whether they take note of what the hottest celebrities are wearing these days or simply look through the shops and boutiques looking for trendy new favorites, most females are going to be tempted by more than a few new accessories to brighten up their wardrobes.

For myself, the moment the freshly-scented aroma of early spring flowers wafts up to my olfactory senses on the wisp of spring winds, I immediately think that it is time to bring out all of my spring favorites while putting away all of my winter clothing and accessories. This year is no different, and I am ready to tackle this task with all the gusto that it deserves.

I have even been given a head start with the gift of a few spring fashion accessories that I found to be attractive and useful. Always on the alert for a new pair of chic sunglasses to protect my eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, I love the  Sunset Strip sunglasses that I received. Each pair is crafted with skinny frames that offer a hint of stylish color (tortoise, burgundy/pink, or black/grey) with a glint of metallic shine. Plus, the protective case is colorful and well designed to keep these babies safe whenever I’m not wearing them.

One of the nicest features about these sunglasses is that the lenses provide UV 400 protection. Fortunately for me, my youngest daughter is away at school or I think I might have to play tug of war with these sunglasses. Yes, that is exactly how stylish and sophisticated they are! You can visit or to order a pair for yourself. While you are there, why not check out some of their other fashionable accessories?

One cool fashion trick that I like to use each year is to switch up the look of certain tunics, tops, skirts, slacks, and skorts by getting myself a few new belts. This is an easy way to draw attention to the waistline while creating a whole new look too.

I did receive an attractive, easy-to-wear belt from that provides a lavish look of shimmer since it is crafted from metal and faux gemstones. Although the belt is sold in one size fits all, it is adjustable using the jeweled brooch to cinch it tighter along the three rows of chain that make up the belt. You have two choices if you are in the market for an easy way to add a bit of color to your wardrobe: antique brass in a rose-colored look with pink and purple gemstones or antique gold with olive and amber gemstones.

To top it all off, I received a gift of a Stardust Metallic Straw Wide Brim hat from the folks at Three of the things that I really like about this hat are the removable sash, the fact that it is adjustable, and its wide brim. Wearing a hat allows me to shade my face to protect it from the sun. This is especially important to me since I have incredibly fair, sun-sensitive, sunburn-prone skin. If you haven’t yet discovered the benefits of wearing hats, try it and you might like it. Hats can offer you the benefit of protecting your face from some of the aging effects that the sun provides so freely. Plus, you can always tip the brim to hide your facial expression should you need to do so.

The Stardust Metallic Straw Wide Brim hat is sold in olive, pink, blue, orange, white, and tan. Each of these items (hat, sunglasses, and belt) runs about $40. Products provided free to writer for reviewI did receive one of each of the items described free for the purposes of reviewing it for

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