Summer 2010 Hot Nail Polish Colors Preview

Consider pretty nail colors for summer. OPI is a great brand.Although spring hasn’t yet concluded, we wanted to give you a preview of all the hot nail polish colors to come for summer 2010. After all, why wait to get in on the nail polish trends for the warmest season of the year? The trends for summer 2010 hot nail polish colors range from bright and cheery to smooth and muted to bold, rich and dark. You can paint your manicures and pedicures to match your mood this summer!

Hot nail colors for summer 2010 include everything from retro glam to cheery, modern hues. You can find a nail color trend for any occasion – formal or casual, day or night. Blues, teals, purples, oranges, yellows, greens, magentas, silvers, and greys are all hot nail colors for summer 2010. Other popular summer nail colors include pale pinks and off-whites, sparkly metallic purple or gold, and iridescent pearl.

Consider these hot nail polish colors for summer 2010 to help you create unbelievable and gorgeous manicures and pedicures.

Summer 2010 Nail Polish Trend #1: Bright and Cheery
Consider these bright and cheerful summer nail colors by Nicole by OPI.One of my favorite finds in this summer nail color preview is Nicole by OPI. This brand offers the most cheerful and bright collection of nail colors I’ve seen, with cleverly designed bottles that are both interestingly shaped and ergonomic – offering perfect flat place to press your thumb when opening each bottle!

The bright and cheerful colors of Nicole by OPI may be some of the hottest nail colors for summer and beyond, comprising bright and sparkly pink, green, orange, yellow, and vibrant red. Each color has its own built-in sparkle and sheen, and they are all so lovely that you’re bound to want to mix and match them on your nails at the same time. I received each of these colors for the purpose of review, and can’t tell you how excited I am to paint my nails in these bright and sparkly summer colors this season. They sort of remind me of the Starburst candies!

With names like Make Mine Lime (sparkly green), You’re an Angel (sparkly pink), Yellow It’s Me (sparkly yellow), Fresh Squeezed (sparkly orange), and I Stop for Nicole (sparkly red), it’s easy to see that this brand leaves no detail out of production. Each color shows off its sparkle even on a single coat, but you may want to jazz things up by painting a second or third. The soft and subtle sheen of a single coat of this nail polish is still lovely and very pretty, though. Just add another coat if you want a stronger depth of color!

OPI also offers a variety of nail colors for summer, including Panda-monium Pink and Lucky Lucky Lavender, two pretty shades that seem to be mostly in the purple family when in the bottle, but seem to carry just as much pink once applied. Both these colors are a lovely light nail color option for summer 2010.

Summer 2010 Nail Polish Trend #2: Smooth and Muted (or maybe not…)

The hottest nail lacquer shades for summer just wouldn’t be the same without…

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