Mother’s Day Hairstyles to Try

Mother’s Day can be fast-paced and hectic or relaxed, depending on your plans and your family’s style. From classy and elegant to fun and casual, countless Mother’s Day hairstyles are possible—buns, long and flowing hair, a sporty ponytail, a cute up-do…. You can easily find a special Mother’s Day hairstyle to try for the festivities, no matter what you are planning to do.

Consider these different Mother’s Day hairstyles to help you decide what to do with your hair for the Mom’s Day holiday. Choose one of these mom hairdos or come up with your own idea after reading through them.

Mother’s Day Hairstyle #1: The Easy Up-do with a Clip
To create this fun and easy hairstyle, you simply need a claw clip or other hairclip that can hold all of your hair at the same time. To create this hairstyle, you first smooth back your hair as if you are creating a low ponytail. Then twist all your hair either to the right or to the left. Secure the claw clip and let the rest of the hair fall as it may. If your hair is very long, you might want to wrap your hair up and down a bit along the back of your head before securing the clip.

Mother’s Day Hairstyle #2: Loose and Free
It’s hard to go wrong with a long and flowing hairstyle, especially on a holiday like Mother’s Day. You can simply wash and dry your hair and wear it loose and free for the special day. As another option, you can use a curling iron for some loose curls or you can try a flatiron for a really straight and sleek hairdo. If you prefer something more along the line of beach waves, you can get a sexy, wavy look for Mother’s Day with a bit of styling product.

Mother’s Day Hairstyle #3: Loose, Low Ponytail
For a mom style that looks great anytime, try a loose and low ponytail. You can put a little curl or some waves in your hair for a dressy look or leave your hair straight and smooth. Another fun option with the loose, low ponytail is to enhance your look with a beautiful hair accessory or barrette. You can pick something colorful or something basic in black, white, or neutral. As an extra tip, don’t forget a pair of earrings if you have your ears pierced!

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