101 Party Ideas for Adults

Planning parties can be a lot of fun, especially when you have a cool party theme in mind. When planning parties, your only limitations are really your budget for the party and your imagination. If you are interested in throwing a party for adults and you want a cool party theme, consider these 101 party ideas for adults.

From sports themes and game themes to parties centralized on food or beverage, costumes, and so much more, you can plan the perfect party with a little creativity and a bit of planning. Check out these 101 party themes for adults and choose the best one for your needs or use these to come up with your own ideas.

Sports and Game Themed Parties
Sports and game themed parties can be a lot of fun. From a competitive nature or simply to cheer on your favorite team, these kinds of parties can be a great time for everyone involved. Consider these sports and game party themes.

1.    Super Bowl Party
2.    Beer Olympics  / Beer Fest
3.    Football Party
4.    Baseball Party
5.    Hockey Party
6.    Basketball Party
7.    World Cup Party (Soccer)
8.    World Cup Party (Rugby)
9.    Fight Night
10.    Poker Party
11.    Casino Party
12.    Video Game Night
13.    Old School Board Game Party
14.    Kentucky Derby Party
15.    Daytona 500 Party
16.    Tailgate
17.    Golf Outing

Themed Beverage Parties
From wine to beer to cocktails, you can plan a party based on a signature drink or a main beverage you plan to serve to your guests. Think about your desired beverage to help you come up with different party themes.

18.    Wine Tasting Party
19.    Wine Tour Party
20.    Brewery Tour Party
21.    Cocktail Party
22.    Keg Party
23.    Happy Hour
24.    Kamikaze Party
25.    Pub Crawl

Holiday Parties
Holiday parties are an easy place for you to get started with a party theme since they are already scheduled throughout the year. Consider these holiday party ideas to help you choose your next special event to host.

26.    Mardi Gras Party
27.    Cinco de Mayo Party
28.    Holiday Party (Christmas, Etc.)
29.    Secret Santa Party
30.    April Fool’s Day Party
31.    Halloween Party
32.    Fourth of July Party
33.    New Year’s Eve Party
34.    Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Sorority / Frat Parties, Dress-up Parties, Food Themed Parties

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