101 Party Ideas for Adults

Sorority / Fraternity Parties
For a good list of adult party themes, think back to your college days. Sororities and fraternities always have great ideas for party themes you can try. Consider these college themed parties – you’ll find more throughout the list.

35.    Kegs & Eggs
36.    Foam Party
37.    Toga Party
38.    Wall Street Party
39.    Sesame Street Party “B is for BEER”
40.    Anything for Money

Dress-up Parties
Dress-up and costume parties can be some of the most enjoyable party themes of all. Consider these fun and engaging dress-up party themes for your next event.

41.    Decade Party
42.    Dead Celebrity Party
43.    Costume Party
44.    Graffiti Party
45.    Western Party
46.    Celebrity Look-a-like Party
47.    Pirate Party
48.    Disney Party
49.    Flapper / Gangster Party
50.    Pajama Party
51.    Goth Party
52.    Playboy Mansion Party
53.    Cops and Robbers Party
54.    Anything BUT Clothing Party
55.    Super Hero Party

Food Themed Parties
When all else fails, plan a party theme within the food you create for your event’s menu. You can plan a really enjoyable party based on food, whether you are having a small gathering or a large gala.

56.    Pizza Party
57.    Dinner Party
58.    Potluck
59.    Deep Fryer Party
60.    Fondue Party
61.    Barbeque Party
62.    Clam Bake
63.    Crab Boil
64.    Tea Party
65.    Mexican Fiesta

Life Event, Water Themed, Music Themed Parties…


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