101 Party Ideas for Adults

Life Event Parties
Sometimes certain life events happening at a particular time call for a special party. Consider these suggestions for life event parties.

66.    Retirement Party
67.    Birthday Party
68.    Anniversary Party
69.    Engagement Party
70.    Bridal Shower
71.    Baby Shower
72.    Bachelor Party
73.    Bachelorette Party
74.    Going Away Party

Destination / Vacation / Water Themed Parties
A travel or destination themed party can be a blast, especially in warmer weather. Water themed parties also make a great splash. Consider these fun party themes for summer, warm weather, water themes, and travel themes.

75.    Pool Party
76.    Luau
77.    Slip ‘n Slide Party
78.    Survivor Party
79.    Beach Party

Music Themed Parties
A music themed party can be a great time for all involved. These are just a few ideas and suggestions for music themed parties.

80.    Reggae Party
81.    Rock Party
82.    Disco Party
83.    Karaoke Party
84.    Buffet Bash / Margaritaville Party

Shopping, Homeowner, Miscellaneous Other Parties…


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