Selecting Luscious Lipsticks for Women: SKINN® High Brilliance, No7, and Too Faced™

Whether you want to wear lipstick for a formal occasion or just a casual event, wearing the right lipstick is essential to looking beautiful. What exactly does this mean for women? How do you know what lipstick brand is the right one for you? Basically, you need to follow a process of trial-and-error before you find the brand of lipstick that helps to create luscious lips for you. Your choice of a lipstick should enhance your beauty, not detract from it.

The coloring of your lips influences which colors of lipstick are going to look nice on you. The shade that will be the most flattering is one that is at least one shade darker than your natural lip color. Two shades darker is better yet. If you accidentally choose a shade that is too bright, you can always tone it down by using a darker lipstick as a liner beneath the bright shade.

In general, fair-skinned women should wear nudes, apricots, light corals, and pinks. Medium-toned women can wear mauves, berries, and roses. Darker-toned women can enjoy shades of deep plum, red, and chocolate. Visit a makeup counter at one of the department stores and get some advice from one of the attendants or use the samples on your own to help figure out which colors are best for you if you don’t already know.

I am going to offer you a review of three different brands in the hopes that you get some useful information from them. In all honesty, I enjoyed each of the brands and believe they wore wel l- at least for me.

SKINN® High Brilliance Lipsticks
A delightful array of micro-collagen peptide lipsticks, SKINN® High Brilliance lipsticks are available through the efforts of Dimitri James. These lipsticks include a long list of special ingredients designed to soften while promoting the lusciousness of your lips. In fact, the ingredients have been selected for their collagen-forming capabilities. I find these lipsticks to be quite creamy and enjoyable to use with their skin-softening capabilities and cool shades. They are perfect for women whose lips have seen a bit too much sun and too little care over the years.

SKINN® High Brilliance lipsticks come in a shiny black tube with a clear base that features a fake lipstick end. The lipsticks sell for $14.00 and can be purchased at You have your choice of shades including Auburn, Candy, Copper, Crushed Rose, Pink, Spice, Strawberry, and Vixen.

Too Faced™ Lipstick
This particular lipstick offers the richness of shea butter that helps to smooth out any of the fine lines, creases, or wrinkles that your lips might be plagued with while pampering them with creamy goodness. The folks at Too Faced™ like to refer to this one as their “Lip of Luxury,” a smoothing lipstick infused with fine ingredients and champagne essences. It feels like silk when it glides onto my lips. True to its promise, this lipstick does offer staying power due to its particular blending of pure pigments.

This Too Faced Cosmetics Lip of Luxury Lipstick comes in an attractive tube that has a fake crystal on the top. If anything, this makes Too Faced™ lipsticks cute enough to give as a gift to tweens, teenagers, and women of all ages. However, there are so many different shades that most women are bound to discover at least one or two that they like. Too Faced™ lipsticks are available in twelve luscious shades: Celebrity Meltdown, Centerfold, Cougar, Cupcake, Drop Dead Red, Free Love, Living in Sin, Marcia Marcia Marcia, Pink Flamingo, Runaway Red, Sex Kitten, and Totally Nude.

You can purchase Too Faced Cosmetics Lip of Luxury Lipsticks at and They sell for about $18.00. Why not check out this websites to see the shades for yourself and order a few for a tiny bit of lip indulgence?

No7 Stay Perfect Lipsticks
Another of the gorgeous line of lipsticks, the No7 Stay Perfect lipstick array have been designed to assist your lips in staying hydrated while looking luscious. Lips are one of the focal points on the face, so it is important to use the right products to keep them in good shape. No7 Stay Perfect lipsticks are available in 16 different shades including Angel Rose, Bare, Nude, Classic Rose, Under the Sun, Cherry, Velvet Kiss, Gay Geranium, Grace, Mischief, Tranquil Rose, Chinchilla, Raspberry, Tangerine Touch, and Divine Pink.

No7 Stay Perfect Lipsticks are sold in attractive tubes that resemble a slight hourglass design in that the middle of the tube is a bit more slender than the ends. The lipstick is hypo-allergenic and fragrance free. They sell for approximately $10.00 so if you are in the market for a nice lipstick that lasts, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is definitely the line to go with for your purchase.

No7 Stay Perfect lipsticks are formulated to provide color for 8 full hours. I think they provide pretty close to that, depending on how much you do with your lips during those 8 hours. They can be purchased at, and

Products provided free to writer for reviewI received free lipsticks by Too Faced™, Boots No7 Stay Perfect, and SKINN® High Brilliance for the purpose of this review.

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