Five Tips to De-Clutter Your Beauty Products and Your Lifestyle

Declutter your beauty products and your life with these tips!Warm weather often inspires us to do things we’ve been putting off during the cold, more dismal days. If you are interested in tackling the clutter in your home, spring and summer are a great time to get started. You can clear out your home of clutter and make room for new products that become available with the change of the seasons. You can also capitalize on the warmer weather if you wish to hold a yard sale to get rid of some of your junk.

Consider these five tips to de-clutter your beauty products and your lifestyle this spring and summer.

1.    Take an inventory of everything you currently have so you don’t overbuy next time you are out shopping.
Count every tube of toothpaste, each stick of antiperspirant, and bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion.

2.    Once you have the inventory, start organizing everything.
Those clear shoebox sized plastic bins really come in handy for storing toothpaste, toothbrushes, medicines, deodorants / antiperspirants, and other beauty and personal hygiene items.

3.    Keep in mind the shelf life of various beauty products that you own. Makeup and bath and body products don’t last forever, so use your best judgment in deciding what to keep and what to toss. Start somewhere easy, like your nail polish collection, so you can get yourself off to a good start.

4.    Make a point to use up whatever bottles of beauty products are less than half-full. If you have smaller travel sized products, you can keep those aside for your vacations and business trips if you like (plastic bins work great). Body lotions are a good place to start as  they are probably the easiest to use up once you have a handle on the number of products you currently own.

5.    Go through your clothing and choose some items to donate to Good Will, Salvation Army, or Purple Heart.
Sorting your clothing and trying things on if you are still undecided may help you let go. Remember – if you make enough room, you should be able to welcome some new fashions this season!

These are just a few tips to de-clutter your beauty supplies and your lifestyle. If you can get yourself into a routine where you avoid overbuying and you make a conscious effort to simplify your life, you should start to notice a difference in the clutter over time. Just remember that it takes patience and discipline to truly de-clutter your home, but going through your beauty products is a great place to start!


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