Memorial Day Party Ideas

Throwing a Memorial Day party can be a great experience for family, friends, and all other guests. Memorial Day parties can be as casual or as elaborate as you like. You can host a Memorial Day barbeque or a potluck party, plan a Memorial Day family reunion, or a huge gathering with friends.

Memorial Day weekend can be anything you want it to be. Your party can be great or small, expensive or budget-friendly. Consider these tips to help you plan your Memorial Day party with much success.

1.    Choose a theme. Plan your party around a theme, whether the theme is barbeque, Hawaiian luau, pool party, patriotic theme, or something else entirely. Coordinate your menu, your music, and your decorations to satisfy the theme.

2.    Invite your guests. Send printed invitations through the mail or send an Evite instead for a more immediate and easily trackable response.

3.    Plan your menu. Memorial Day parties often center on the barbeque theme, but you can take your party in a different direction if you like. Consider choosing a menu different from hotdogs and hamburgers once in a while. You can enjoy other fun grilled foods like bacon-wrapped corn on the cob, barbeque chicken, shish kebobs, and more.

4.    Consider having games or activities. Fun yard games like volleyball, croquet, bocci ball, and others can keep guests occupied and having a great time all day.

5.    Don’t forget the sparklers! Some states don’t allow fireworks, but sparklers are usually an acceptable substitute, especially at parties involving young children.

No matter what theme you choose for your Memorial Day party, be sure you have plenty of cold refreshments to keep your guests cool. Ice cold beer and fruity cocktails make great drink options for your adult guests, but don’t forget about lemonade, iced tea, and punch for the young guests. Be sure to offer sunscreen and areas of shade for your guests if the day is very hot.

These are just a few ideas for a Memorial Day weekend party. Use these tips if you like them or feel free to come up with your own. Enjoy your long weekend!


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