Good Shoes for Walking in New York City, Chicago, Philly, or Any Big City

Try Clarks Ina Angel Sandals for a comfortable walking shoe.I recently had a trip to New York City and in planning I knew I needed to get some flats for the occasion. I never, or at least very rarely, wear flats, so I didn’t know where to start. I knew I wouldn’t last more than an hour in my customary high heels or platform sandals, so I was on the hunt for a flat sandal that was cute or sexy and above all, comfortable.

I searched and searched at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets and also checked for shoes everywhere else I found myself shopping. Of course, I had no luck for the longest time. I finally ended up at the BonTon where I was searching for a pair of leather flip-flops I saw in their circular. I had heartache over paying $60 for a pair of flip-flops, but I thought it would be worth it if they were the nicest pair I ever owned. Sadly, once I found the advertised flip-flops, I realized just how uncomfortable a shoe can be, even at more than a $50 price tag.

Walking shoes aren't hard to find if you know where to look.I confided in a nice sales lady and that’s when a customer overheard me saying I was looking for a stylish shoe to wear while walking around New York City. She recommended checking out the selection of Clarks at the store. I had never owned a pair of Clarks myself, but the customer swore they were the most comfortable shoes she’s ever owned, and added that she’s worn them to the city on numerous occasions.

I checked out several tables and displays of Clarks sandals for women before I found the Clarks® “Ina Angel” Sandal. I liked it well enough to try it on, and found it to be more comfortable than I expected. I usually am the kind of person who needs affirmation to buy something, but as I was shopping by myself, I simply asked the sales lady if they were returnable if I changed my mind. Of course they were as long as I kept the receipt!

I bought the shoes and I must admit, the more I wore them, the more I liked them. Now I am at the point that I don’t even mind wearing flats because these shoes are THAT comfortable. They are cute, too. I’ve already received several compliments on my Clarks® “Ina Angel” Sandals. I bought them in black to wear with a dress that is white, black, and charcoal, but the color of the shoe is close enough to a super dark brown that they look really great with my khaki skirts too.

The Clarks® “Ina Angel” Sandals retail for $80 at the BonTon but I recently got them on sale at an incredible value of $59.98. You can purchase them in black, brown, or navy. The shoes are genuine leather and super comfortable to wear. These leather slide sandals have an open toe and open heel with no straps in the back. The front of the shoe features sturdy stitching and pretty accents of steel-colored piping through a pretty cut pattern.

Clarks Ina Angel Sandal reviewThese shoes are so comfortable and I truly feel they work great for a casual occasion or even something formal as a benefit, graduation, or other special event. I am not usually one to spend a fortune on shoes but I am very pleased with this purchase and I have a feeling that my first pair of Clarks will not be my last.

While I can’t seem to find the exact shoe I bought, does offer a huge variety of Clarks sandals for women. You can also find the pair I bought at the BonTon.


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