Using Makeup Brushes and Loose Powder Eye Shadow

Try DEX mineral loose pigment eye shadow for a luxurious and exciting makeup experience.At the moment I’m not sure if I am more in love with ecoTOOLS makeup brushes or DEX loose powder eye shadow. Both products offer an unbelievable makeup application experience that is fun, professional, and easy for even beginners. No matter if you wear makeup every day or only for special occasions, DEX Mineral Loose Pigment Eye Shadow products and ecoTOOLS eco-friendly makeup brushes are two products you don’t want to miss.

I received three colors DEX Mineral Loose Pigment Eye Shadow to try – purple, blue, and orange. The orange hue is totally wild. I am thinking about wearing it for the Flyers game tonight! It is very vibrant and metallic for a bold and daring look. If you like to keep things more subtle, save this shadow for Halloween or use only the tiniest amount and blend with other colors like a soft or medium pink.

DEX eye shadow works great with ecoTOOLS makeup brushes...The purple shade is a lovely and soft pastel hue that looks especially great with brown eyes. The color works well when toned down for daytime or played up for evening wear. This purple color also looks lovely and edgy when blended with a shimmery beige or off-white tone.

I have yet to try the blue shade – don’t get me wrong, it is a pretty pale sky blue color. I am just scarred from way back in high school when one of my friends made fun of my blue makeup and told me I needed to go back to the 80s. I am sure there is nothing wrong with it – I just can’t bring myself to try just yet!

As for the ecoTOOLS makeup brushes, they make applying makeup such a pleasant experience. The brushes are skillfully crafted for a comfortable hold and effective shading and blending. Each eco-friendly makeup brush features a bamboo handle, sleek ferrule made of recycled aluminum, and cruelty-free bristles made from synthetic taklon.

I received a few different ecoTOOLS makeup brushes to try, including 1203 BAMBOO Eye Shading Brush, 1200 BAMBOO Powder Brush, and 1204 BAMBOO Angled Eyeliner Brush. My favorite brush by far is the ecoTOOLS bamboo eye shading brush. It makes applying and blending eye shadow easy and so much fun. This brush works beautifully no matter if you are using standard pressed eye shadow or loose powder.

ecoTOOLS makeup brushes are unbelievable and I love them!I recommend these products as highly as I’ve ever recommended anything. If you aren’t already using quality cosmetic brushes to apply your makeup, you truly don’t know what you are missing. Give these brushes by ecoTOOLS a shot and you’ll never go back to those annoying foam makeup applicators. Also, don’t forget to check out the wide array of bold and colorful loose powder eye shadow that DEX has to offer. If you’ve ever wanted bright and colorful eye makeup like you see on the glossy magazines, you can’t go wrong with the wild, bold, and sometimes softer shades of DEX Mineral Loose Pigment Eye Shadow.

Products provided free to writer for reviewYou can buy ecoTOOLS makeup brushes online at You can buy DEX Mineral Loose Pigment Eye Shadow products online at for $22 per jar.

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