A Tip for Staying Healthy – Use Infectiguard Instant Hand Sanitizer

Try Infectiguard Hand Sanitizer to keep your hands free from germs. (product review)One of life’s modern creations that I have come to appreciate is the instant hand sanitizer, also commonly referred to as a waterless hand sanitizer. With today’s fast pace, it is difficult to find the time to stop and wash our hands as frequently as we would like. However, with all of the hand sanitizing products that are available, we don’t need to stop and find a sink and soap quite so often.

Not only are hand sanitizing products convenient to use, but they are relatively inexpensive as well. Plus, they are sold in a wide variety of styles, brands, and sizes so we have lots of choices. I usually use the Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial gels, but decided to try Infectiguard’s hand sanitizing products since I received two free samples.

Infectiguard carries quite a few hand sanitizing products including wipes, pump bottles, and squirt styles. I recently had a chance to try their small, carry size style in both the instant hand sanitizer and the instant hand sanitizer with moisturizer. Each of these products has been enriched with Vitamin E and aloe, making them perfect for use on my skin.

Washing hands isn't always possible, so antibacterial handsoap is a handy item to keep with you.When I first put some of the Infectiguard instant hand sanitizer on, I thought perhaps I had used too much of it. As I began to rub it in, I noticed that my hands absorbed it quickly so they did not remain wet for long.

The Infectiguard instant hand sanitizers are so convenient due to their small size, a mere 1.8 fl. oz. that it is easy to take them almost anywhere. If you are like most women, you tote around a supersize handbag or roomy business tote so you can easily tuck one of these hand sanitizers inside. However, with the Infectiguard Instant Hand Sanitizer, you don’t even need to worry about having enough room for it since you can use the bright-red metal clip to attach it to your purse strap, belt loop, key chain, or pretty much anywhere.

Hand sanitizer product review - InfectiguardThe bottles are clear, so it is easy to see when you are beginning to run out. While these are designed to kill most infectious germs, you shouldn’t expect them to kill all germs.

Infectiguard Instant Hand Sanitizers sell for approximately $3.00. You can purchase them online at amazon.com or infectiguard.com. Women with sensitive skin or who have a tendency toward dry hands for whatever reason might prefer to use Infectiguard instant hand sanitizers with moisturizer.

Despite the fact that these hand sanitizers contain 62% ethyl alcohol, they smell fresh and clean without a strong tinge of alcohol smell. However, I must confess that I still prefer my favorite scents in Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial gels to these. Nonetheless, I like the convenience that the Infectiguard instant hand sanitizers with rings provide, so I will probably still use them for activities like walking or biking.

Products provided free to writer for reviewI received one each of the Infectiguard instant hand sanitizers with clip-on ring regular and with moisturizing lotion.

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