Hair, Nails, and Lipstick Product Reviews

What do women love most? Great hair, lips, and nails!I recently took a poll among my family and friends. I was curious to see what products women purchased most… and why. Below is a list of the top three product categories women shop for first.

1.    Hair care products and accessories
2.    Lipstick, lip glosses, and lip balms
3.    Artificial nails

Do these answers surprise you? The majority of women taking part in my poll said that these are the three most noticeable features in a woman; that these are the three prominent areas that people see at first glance. I could see why.

I can definitely see how hair fits the #1 answer among friends. It may be different in other areas, but in South Texas, the humidity and high heat indexes can bring on a whole new definition to hair dilemmas. I know that for me, finding a product that will help reduce frizz, control fly-aways, and prevent breakage is nearly impossible, not to mention finding a product that will enhance any bit of shine we have left.

After using Emmett Cooper’s hair care products, I am happy to say that my hair is well on its way to a beautiful, healthy, lustrous shine. It is already exhibiting fewer frizz problems with each wash and is slowing decreasing the amount of fly-aways my hair so often plagued me with before.

Emmett Cooper Moisture Wash product reviewI am so in love with the fragrance of the Emmett Cooper Moisture Wash. I am also enjoying the clean smell that lingers from my hair as a result. I especially love that my hair has become so much softer. I could only imagine how it’d feel if I used the conditioner too. Yes, I’m feeling all of this from a single bottle. I have ceased using any other product at this point because I want to see how much better my hair will become.

Emmett Cooper Moisture Wash sells for $20 (8 oz) and is intended for frequent washing for those that have normal to dry hair. It is infused with a blend of aloe, evening primrose, and Jasmine. It helps restore sheen, softness and improves the flexibility of hair while minimizing frizz.

I also received, from Emmett Cooper, a sculpt wax. My son has grown a fondness for this product. He loves the fresh mint fragrance and he totally loves that he has the ability to hold his hair where he wants it without it looking like he used cement in order to create it. Though I haven’t styled my hair using the sculpting wax, I have put some on the tips of my hair to help hold them in place. It works wonders. Did I mention how much I love the minty smell? It’s great!

Emmett Cooper Sculpt Wax sells for $22 (2 oz) and is a water-based sculpts wax that is infused with light-reflecting shine polymers. It gives the hold and separation you desire while keeping your hair feeling soft and clean.

If you get the chance, check out the list of celebrity devotees (like Mariah Carey, Macy Gray, and Angelina Jolie) to Emmett Cooper Hair Care Products. The list is long, and with reason. The products are incredible! Also, feel free to look around at the many products offered online. From hair dryers and hair brushes to shampoos and conditioners, sculpting waxes and volumizing creams to thickening mists and texture creams, you are sure to find a number of products needed to enhance the body, volume, shine, and balance of your hair, no matter what climate is your own.

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Products provided free to writer for reviewOn to number two of my product poll: Lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balms…


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