Hair, Nails, and Lipstick Product Reviews

On to number #3 in my personal product poll; Nails, nails, and more nails…

When it comes to nails, rest assured, you’ll find what you’re looking for when you purchase from KISS and Broadway nails.

Kiss fake nail kits are always a hit. Read the product review!In the last few months, KISS, Pink by KISS, and Broadway nails have come out with an amazing collection of new designs, colors and stickers to help beautify and accessorize your nails. They’ve also introduced some really amazing handheld electronic nail files that are perfect for both artificial and real nails. It’s just like entering a salon only you get to enjoy and use your handy-dandy file straight from the comforts of your own home. The electronic PowerFile goes where you go. It is completely compact yet is filled with six interchangeable attachments to shape, clean, and/or polish your nails. It’s available at stores where KISS products are sold.

Pink by KISS is a girl’s only collection that is safe for their nails and approved by many moms. They are easily applied and are removed by soaking hands in warm water for a minute. My girls have always enjoyed all the vibrant, stylish, spunky colors, as well as the wide selection of stickers… this is their favorite part.

This is not all. Pink by Kiss has just introduced color-changing nails. They’re absolutely amazing. When you’re inside, they have one color, but the minute you step outside, the base color changes. The girls love running in and out of the house to see this change happen. I think it’s cool and it keeps the kids entertained.

Kiss, Broadway, and Pink by Kiss are the preferred product in my home when it comes to nail accessories, artificial nails, and files. The brand is trusted to do what I want out of the product. They give me a lot of choices and the girls really love that they make products catered to them and their age group. Everything is reasonably priced (at a price I can afford) and I love the way they look on me. I haven’t seen, tried, purchased, or worn a product I haven’t loved yet.

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So, there you have it; my choices when it comes to hair, nails, and lip products. I enjoyed trying each and every product received and will definitely continue to recommend the above brands to others. 

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: I was sent product samples from each of the above companies in order to help facilitate my review. The thoughts and opinions written within this post are my own and therefore, I claim no responsibilities for those who feel differently. Results may vary. Thank you.

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