Wedding Day Makeup Tips for Latina Women

Try these makeup tips for Latina women and Latina brides.One of the most common mistakes Latina brides make when choosing their wedding day makeup style is trying to look like someone they aren’t. You want to look soft and romantic, so keep the dark and dramatic look for the nightclubs. Remember the goal is not to look like a completely different person but to create the most beautiful version of yourself.

The following tips will help you enhance your natural beauty, not hide your essence.

Foundation must match your skin tone. Generally, Latina women have a darker skin tone and should select a foundation with darker base. To ensure an even application, start around the nose and mouth where there is redness then blend out to the rest of the face. To set the foundation, follow with a power.

Blush is essential for highlighting your cheekbones and achieving a healthy glow. Using two shades of blush will add depth to your look. Start with a blush that is the color of your skin when you are flushed. Apply to the apples of your cheeks following the cheekbone up to the hair line. Next, blend the deeper shade under the cheekbones. The colors you select should complement your skin tone. Brides should stick to a powder blush, as creams may smear.

Hispanic women should avoid white concealer as it enhances eye bags and stands out in photos. To better match an olive skin tone, mix white with an orange concealer or your foundation. Apply the concealer under the eyes and to problem areas.

Try these makeup tips for Latina women and Latina brides.In an effort to change their brow line, some Hispanic women may apply so much pencil in such dark colors it can look like their eyebrows are painted on. This creates a harsh, unapproachable look. For a soft, natural look, eyebrows should be the same color as your hair or a shade lighter. Always follow the natural brow line when applying pencil and don’t be heavy-handed.

Eye shadow is meant to accentuate, not overpower your natural eye color. To achieve a natural look, use eye shadows in lighter shades of brown. To make eyes look larger and farther apart, apply color in the crease, starting with a darker shade at the outside of the eyes and graduating to a lighter shade as you work your way in.  Apply a lighter complementary color to the eyelid.

Maximize your eyes with eyeliner, mascara, and an eyelash curler. Most Latinas do best with (color) liner and (color) mascara. Apply a thin line of eyeliner, to the lash line, from the inside of the eye, beginning where your lashes start, and work out. Next, apply the mascara and curl the lashes. To avoid raccoon eyes, wear waterproof eyeliner and mascara.

Don’t wear false eye lashes on your wedding day. Keeping them on throughout the ceremony and reception requires a lot of glue, causing the eyelids to get heavy and the eyes to turn red, making you look tired. If you are determined to wear them, use the type with the adhesive already applied.

The purpose of lip liner is to define lips, while preventing lipstick from bleeding. Lip liner should match the color of the lipstick. Lip liner that is darker than the lipstick is outdated.  When applying, don’t go outside the lips, simply follow the lip line.

Lipstick should closely match your natural lip color, be neutral or off-white. You will be kissing a lot of people so be sure that your liner and lipstick are long lasting. Lip gloss must be constantly reapplied so unless you want to carry it around, use it only for the ceremony and photos.

Whether you plan to do your own makeup or hire a makeup artist, always have trial runs before the wedding. Also, be sure to take photos of each to see how the makeup looks in pictures.

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