Refreshing Calorie-Free Beverages for Delicious Drinks

Drink healthy beverages for a better body!How many times have you wanted to enjoy a delicious drink only to forego the pleasure due to the calories? If you are like many women who are constantly watching their weight, you probably answered something like “quite a few” or “too many to count.” Well, times have changed from days of old and today quite a few calorie-free, sinfully delicious beverages are available for women to enjoy as stand-alone drinks or in combination with some type of alcohol for a refreshing, reduced calorie drink that has all the flavor without the guilt.

Skinny Water

Skinny Water is designed to control craving while boosting the metabolism with zero sugar and zero calories. Seems like it fits the ticket for those women looking to maintain control of their weight. Now, does it provide the refreshing, mouth-watering taste that has us coming back for more? Actually, it does. In fact, it does this so well that you will be hard pressed to keep some in the house for yourself because everyone is bound to enjoy the bold, flavorful, fruity taste that lingers on the tongue and tempts people to come back for more.

Skinny Water is featured in six different varieties, each with a specific purpose in mind and a delicious flavor all of its own. In my opinion, it really doesn’t matter which flavor you pick because they all taste so good and they all offer a unique bit of something extra. You can get your Skinny Water online at You can also purchase your Skinny Water at Target or ShopRite. Although it does not contain any sodium or sugar, it does contain a dash of Splenda to enhance its sweetness.

Try Skinny Water - this is a product review.

Crave Control offers a refreshing raspberry-pomegranate flavor that goes down oh so sweetly. It is made with Chromemate and SuperCitriMax to help control your appetite. Now, that is what I call easy dieting!

Hi-Energy provideConsider this review of healthy beverages you can drink.s a scintillating combination of acai berry and blueberry flavor to create a drink that gives you that extra boost whenever you need it. Among its ingredients, you will discover ginseng, guarana, and Vitamin B.

For those of you who love fruit punch, Shape is the Skinny Water for you. It offers a delicious tang of Goji fruit punch with additives designed to make any visit to the gym more enjoyable.

Total-V is perfect any time of the year, but with its lemonade-passion fruit flavor, it seems perfect for the summer. It also provides a healthy dose of Vitamins C, E, and B giving you a head start on your daily dose of vitamins.

Wake Up does exactly that with its blend of orange, cranberry, and tangerine. It is a great way to get more than your daily requirement of Vitamin C.

The tropical taste of XXX Detox with its peach-mango-mandarin flavor is a great way to get yourself back on track if you’ve had the occasion to overindulge. It offers lots of antioxidants for your body.


Try HINT water as a healthy beverage alternative.Hint is a natural-flavored water beverage at its finest- no additives, no preservatives, and no calories. It is refreshing and flavorful, providing a “hint” of natural flavor without any of the calories of sugar-sweetened beverages. Hint is available in a delightful array of flavors including Blackberry, Strawberry-Kiwi, Raspberry-Lime, Pomegranate-Tangerine, Pear, Watermelon, Mango-Grapefruit, Lime, Cucumber, and Honeydew-Hibiscus.

Hint comes in convenient 16-oz size bottles that are easy to carry along for lunch or your gym workout. It starts with purified water that has a “hint” of natural fruit flavor. For the opportunity to learn more, visit

Hint Recipes for Healthy Cocktails

Take a look at these recipes provided by the makers of Hint for a few healthy, sweet tasting cocktails created with women in mind.

Healthy Mama

1 Part Vodka
1 ½ Parts Watermelon HINT
1Watermelon Slice
Slimming Sally
3 Parts Gin
2 Dashes of Maraschino Liquer
1 Part HINT Mango-Grapefruit
Splash of Simple Syrup

Relaxing Raspberry

2 oz. Raspberry Rum
6 oz. HINT Raspberry-Lime
Splash of Lime Juice

Sweet Mommy

2 oz. Pomegranate Vodka
6 oz. HINT Pomegranate-Tangerine
2 Mint Leaves
Dash Honey Syrup

Guilt-free Beverages for Summer BBQs, Picnics, Parties, and Gatherings

Products provided free to writer for reviewI received a generous supply of Skinny Water free from its manufacturer to sample and enjoyed every single one! I also received five flavors of Hint, which I discovered to be equally enjoyable.

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