Degree Women Natureffects Anti-perspirant/Deodorant and Body Spray Collection Product Review

Consider Degree Women Natureffects for a flirty anti-perspirant and body mist line.For a refreshing trip away from traditional deodorants, antiperspirants and body refreshing sprays, consider the new-ish Degree Natureffects product line. Keeping close the things you love about existing Degree products, the brand launched this new line with the outdoors and Mother Nature in mind. The fragrances of each product are so far from traditional body odor eliminators that you may not even remember if you’re wearing any at all – except for that super dry and confident feeling you’ll have all day long.

The Degree Women Natureffects product line features three enticing fragrances that honestly seem more like a refreshing walk through the park than a deodorant product. The collection includes Olive Leaf + Pink Pepper, Orange Flower + Cranberry, and Honeysuckle + Tea Tree Oil, both in body mist bottles and anti-perspirant-deodorant products. The lovely scents of each variety are welcoming and friendly, yet my favorite element is that the fragrance can last all day but no one has to know it is your deodorant that smells so good! What a great disguise!

Consider Degree Women Natureffects for a flirty anti-perspirant and body mist line.I am still trying to decide which fragrance is my favorite. The Olive Leaf + Pink Pepper scent utilizes the power of deodorizing pink pepper to mask any body odor while the overall fragrance is light and floral. The Orange Flower + Cranberry scent continues the trend of inspiration from the great outdoors, but features a lightly fruity essence. The orange flower acts as the deodorizer this time while cranberry gently lifts your spirits. This fragrance may be the frontrunner for my favorite scent of the trio due to its purely refreshing qualities. Finally, the Honeysuckle + Tea Tree Oil scent brings a slight childhood memory of baseball fields lined with honeysuckle along the fences. This fragrance takes on notes that seem to be both floral and herbal, playing up the natural deodorizing power of tea tree oil. This fragrance is just as pleasant as the other two.

Try body mists by degree for a fragrant pick-me-up.As I mentioned, the same thing you love about all Degree products — the no-show, no-white residue promise, is true again here with Degree Natureffects products. You really can’t beat this brand!

Degree Natureffects products are available at your favorite drugstores, mass market retailers, and online at for about $4 – $5 a piece or roughly $20 for a four-pack (free shipping!). You can learn more online at, where you can also print a coupon for $1 off Degree Natureffects products!

Products provided free to writer for reviewI used to be a loyal user of the Suave brand anti-perspirant / deodorant products until I tried some Degree products a few years ago. I am now a loyal fan of Degree Women products, from the anti-perspirants to the body sprays. While I did receive these six products to try out for free, I have bought my own Degree Women deodorant products as well. I stand strongly behind this brand and recommend it highly.

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