AXE Twist Deodorant Body Spray Review – Great Fragrance to Keep Women Interested

Consider this review of AXE Twist body spray and deodorant.AXE Twist brands itself as the fragrance that changes to keep guys interesting to girls. It is an appealing concept with a clever and amusing commercial to keep the marketing and advertising efforts interesting to both guys and girls. The AXE Twist products are nicely packaged with yellow and green accents on the outside of the bottles or deodorant containers. The external styling is attractive and inviting.

When it comes to actually trying the new AXE Twist body spray, I really enjoyed the scent of it on my husband. On first application, Twist smelled citrusy and alluring, reminding me of romantic and exotic vacations and those perfect, warm summer days. As I was waiting and thinking so hard about the fragrance changing, I might have missed some of the keynotes, though. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing – I just might not have as sensitive a sniffer as the next. I’ve read there are notes of cedar and sandalwood in addition to the initial citrus blast. Both these additions sound lovely. I am not sure if I picked up on these notes as I am not super familiar with picking them out in a mixed bouquet, but I did notice that the Twist fragrance tames and tones itself down throughout the day, leaving a pleasant and refreshing fragrance that I could still detect toward the end of the day when my husband got home from work. I really enjoyed it and felt it was an upbeat and fun fragrance.

Consider this review of AXE Twist body spray and deodorant.My husband on the other hand, is more of a fan of the older, more traditional AXE fragrances. He wasn’t a huge fan of “walking around smelling like lemon-lime,” he said, but the fragrance does change a bit over time to become more subtle. Usually my husband tends to be more of a fan of rugged and woodsy scents, so I am not entirely surprised or turned off by his impression. I think if AXE reversed the order of the notes in the Twist fragrance to start out with cedar or sandalwood that might have been more his speed. The truth is, nothing is for everyone and you can’t always make everyone happy.

I think AXE Twist is the perfect product for your guy to toss in his gym bag on the go. It’s a nice and refreshing scent that is definitely noticeable. For more corporate events, perhaps a traditional cologne will do, but I have no personal objections to the new and exciting AXE Twist. In fact, I think it is the perfect fragrance for guys to enjoy this summer at the beach, pool parties, after the gym, around the house, and beyond!

AXE Twist is available at your favorite drugstores and at most of your favorite mass retailers. AXE Twist deodorant body spray and deodorant products retail for roughly $4 – $6. You can also order them in bulk at Product provided free to writer for reviewFor more information on AXE Twist and other AXE products, please visit

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