Surviving a Summer Wedding – Tips to Stay Cool

Try a fancy fan to keep you cool at a summer wedding.Summer is a lovely time to have a wedding, but the traditional heat of the season often has a big impact on the festivities. Depending on where you live and where the year’s summer weddings are located, the hottest season of the year can often be unbearable for wedding guests, the bridal party, and of course, the bride and groom. Finding creative ways to stay cool during summer weddings can save the day on so many levels!

No matter if you are  a guest to summer weddings or a bride or groom about to get married, consider these summer wedding survival tips to keep yourself (and your guests) cool, dry, and happy.

Tips to Help You Stay Cool at Summer Wedding Ceremonies
If you are planning to attend any weddings in the dead heat of the summer, consider a few tips to help you keep cool during the wedding ceremony, dinner, and dancing.

Dress appropriately for the weather during summer wedding season.•    Dress appropriately for the occasion and find other creative ways to keep cool.
•    Wear your hair in an up-do style to keep your neck cool and to preserve a nice look.
•    Apply baby powder to your most delicate areas to prevent perspiration.
•    Bring blotting papers or pressed powder to apply to your face to keep your skin from becoming too oily.
•    Wear a light colored dress and a lightweight fabric to avoid overheating at the summer wedding.
•    Try to choose a dress with a shorter to mid-length cut.
•    Bring sunscreen and always wear a moisturizer with sun block in the ingredients.

Tips for Brides and Grooms to Keep Guests and the Bridal Party Comfortable at Summer Weddings

Summer weddings can be marvelous, from gorgeous, amazing flowers to beautiful sunny skies and a perfect selection of wedding flowers. It’s no wonder summer wedding dates are so appealing! Consider these tips as bride or groom to help keep your guests cool and comfortable at your summer wedding.

•    Decorative Fans – Offer paper, silk, or sandalwood fans as wedding favors to allow your guests to fan themselves and stay cool. This can be especially beneficial at outdoor weddings or destination weddings where the heat index is very high.

•    Evian Spray – On a really hot day, have the wedding reception staff offer your guests a gentle mist of spring water with Evian Facial Spray. The mist should be light and airy, enough to refresh but not enough to dampen clothing or soak hair or ruin makeup.

•    Ensure Shelter – Be sure to provide at least some kind of shelter for your guests. Large outdoor tents do a nice job of providing shade while electric fans can circulate a bit of a breeze, even if the weather is much hotter than expected.

Drink lots of water on a hot wedding day!•   Cold Beverages – No matter what you decide to serve, ice cold beverages can be an excellent way of keeping your guests cool and relaxed.

Remember, your comfort level is vital to having a good time at a summer wedding or other special occasion. Do whatever you can to keep cool and make it through the day. Drink lots of non-alcoholic fluids and take your time. Avoid exhausting yourself while dancing as well. Enjoy!


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