Top 10 Fun Things to Do for Father’s Day

Father's Day can be exciting for new and relatively new dads.Father’s Day can be most memorable when you spend quality time with your Dad or your entire family. If you and Dad are tired of the same old song and dance – dinner and dessert and then opening presents, not much different from anybody’s birthday, then consider a fun and exciting Father’s Day celebration alternative. You can try any of these top 10 activities to do on Father’s Day or come up with your own.

No matter if your dad is the athletic type, the man’s man, or a more refined type of dad, you can find something enjoyable to do with him on Father’s Day this year. Consider these suggestions for what to do on Father’s Day.


1.    Go out to dinner or have dinner at your house for Dad. The classic and timeless way to celebrate Father’s Day, dinner with Dad may never really get old. From home cooking to gourmet cooking, eating is an enjoyable pastime and it is definitely acceptable if you can’t manage a larger scale activity.

Do something with the kids on Father's Day.2.    Go fishing. A fishing trip with Dad can be more fun than any other Father’s Day activity. Get the whole family together, rent a boat or go off the pier, and catch your dinner!

3.    Go to a baseball game or sporting event. Baseball games with Dad are classic and timeless too. This Father’s Day activity can be fun for the whole family, or special time together for Dad and the kids, or even for a new, first-time dad.

4.    Visit a brewery for a tasting. Dads with older children can enjoy a festive brewery tour with tastings for Father’s Day. Look for local breweries or restaurants with brewery facilities (like Bethlehem Brew Works or a local microbrewery) to enjoy a special Father’s Day event.

5.    Visit a few wineries for wine tasting.
If Dad prefers some classy wine tasting instead, you can find a great time at your local wineries. Plan a chauffeured tour to a few vineyards for a top of the line experience or pile everyone into a car and have one designated driver to escort your group to the wineries for a budget-friendly experience.

6.    Go to an outdoor concert or festival. Outdoor music venues can be a lot of fun to visit, especially in the summertime and during special holidays like Father’s Day. Take your dad to enjoy some outdoor music or a festival of some sort for a memorable time.

Enjoy a picnic with Dad for Father's Day.7.    Visit Dad or have him visit you for a barbeque. A fun spin on the typical Dad’s Day dinner, make a full day of barbequing fun and be sure to have some good beer on hand. You do the grilling and let Dad relax.

8.    Take Dad to the beach or a mountain retreat. Sometimes a short getaway can be the most memorable kind of experience for celebrating a holiday. See if you can get your family to go on a weekend retreat to enjoy time together.

9.    Go golfing, miniature golfing, or play chip ‘n putt. Many men love golf and different types of golf can be appropriate for the whole family. Consider a fun golf game with the guys, minigolf with the kids, or chip ‘n putt with the older kids. Keep score – the loser buys ice cream! (Unless Dad is the loser – then you guys treat him!)

10.    Take Dad shopping to pick out his own gifts. Sometimes dads are the hardest people to shop for, so taking him out to pick out his own gifts once in a while might be a fun experience for both of you.

No matter what you decide to do for Father’s Day, remember to get your dad a special Father’s Day card and a maybe even a gift to show how much you care. Take some pictures during your special Father’s Day activities and share them with Dad so you both can enjoy the memories for years to come.

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