Bare Lifts Breast Lift Product – The Best Cleavage Benefits without a Bra

Unfortunately, not every pretty shirt or dress we own is meant to be worn with a bra. From backless to strapless and everything in between, a variety of dresses and tops just plain don’t work with bras. Thankfully, TeleBrands (the As Seen on TV company) has recently introduced Bare Lifts, an instant breast lift product that gives you the key benefit of a bra – support – without actually having to wear one.

Bare Lifts offer a solution to a problem women face in everything from tank tops to formal gowns. You can give your chest a little lift with a simple solution that is comfortable and goes on easily either with or without a bra. Bare Lifts are much like a clear sticker that you peel back and apply to your skin. To apply Bare Lifts, you simply attach the bottom adhesive on your breast, avoiding your nipple and then lift to your desired perkiness and attach the top portion of the adhesive to the upper part of your chest. Bare Lifts don’t irritate or leave any lasting signs of use. You can cut each adhesive breast lift along the dotted lines to fit your cup size – A, B, or C, and use without cutting for D-cup breasts.

I tried the Bare Lifts with a halter top and found that they gave just the right amount of lift for me. I didn’t feel with this particular top that I needed a huge hike, but I will gladly admit that the Bare Lifts adhesive breast lifts surely did make my boobs look better and perkier in my tank top. This product is easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

Try Bare Lifts Breast Lift Products to give your boobs a boost!One small challenge I noticed in using them is just that you should make sure the shape of your shirt or top of your dress aligns with where you stick the upper part of the Bare Lifts. Not all tops will have an issue. The nice solution I found to this potential issue is simply to cut the top of the Bare Lifts to the desired shape, for example, if you are wearing a triangle bikini top, halter top, etc. I might not recommend these for low-cut tops simply because you and others would more than likely be able to see the adhesive sticker on your chest. While the Bare Lifts are clear, you can still see them up close and possibly when light or sunlight reflects off of them.

While they are easy to apply, Bare Lifts are just as easy to remove. You can do it simply and easily, taking care to be gentle to your skin. The nice thing is the adhesive is soft and gentle on your skin—I did not have any redness although I did have one small red spot on my skin where it looked like I pulled too hard or too quickly in removing the Bare Lifts. I suppose if you leave them on long enough, you might experience some redness, but I did not see any on me after about two hours of use. In fact, there were times I actually forgot I was wearing them. It’s a similar feeling of support to wearing a bra, but more comfortable and free.

This product is waterproof, making it ideal for various swimsuits. The boost Bare Lifts give your boobs is a natural lift that looks real and feels comfortable. In addition to being able to wear Bare Lifts in the pool or underwater anywhere, you can wear them for up to 24 hours at a time.

Bare Lifts are available in a set of 10 (five pairs) for $10 plus $6.95 shipping at the Bare Lifts Web site or for $9.99 plus $6.40 shipping at For more information on Bare Lifts, visit


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