How to: Short Hair Styles for Mature Women

Try a short bob hairstyle for a mature and sophisticated change.Long gone are the days where mature women, women of a certain age, stopped coloring their hair, cut it short and let it go grey. Times have definitely changed as have hair styles and the thought process behind them for mature women. Today, mature women want to stay stylish, youthful but age appropriate.

Quality hair fabric that is in good condition is the most important commonality for mature women. Hair fabric that is shiny, strong, and properly moisturized always has a youthful and stylish appearance. Hair fabric and the scalp should be on a proper regimen of strengthening and protection. Look for antioxidants like Organic Reishi Mushroom, Pomegranate and Milk Thistle. Antioxidants help protect hair and scalp strength by warding off free radical pollutants. Also look for a hair product with an actual SPF rating to block ultra violet rays and protect the hair and scalp just like anti-aging SPF products do for the face and body. Also select products that can work on any hair texture to create lovely short hairstyles for women.

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Here are a few examples of mature short hairstyles:

Judy Dench – Short Crop Hairstyle
This style is both cutting edge and elegant all at the same time. Judy Dench’s cut is short and cropped yet ultra feminine. This style is worn in a piecey, stylishly disheveled way. This makes the style more youthful. Super neat hair looks dated and old fashioned. Judy looks modern and vibrant. Also her color is kept rich but on the light side. Sometimes she sports her naturally vibrant, shiny white gray. She can do this because of her fair coloring and blue eyes. But she also wears both golden blond and warmer light brunette shades with golden highlights.

How to: Short Hair in a Mature Crop Style
To get that piecey style apply a soft and moveable hair groom to wet and then to dry hair to finish. Look for a product that doesn’t dry to a hard finish but stays pliable and creates shine.

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Helen Mirren – Medium Short Layered Bob with Side Swept Bangs
Helen Mirren’s style is perfect for her beautiful bone structure and hair fabric. Sometimes as we age our hair fabric becomes a bit finer and this makes it difficult to get volume. Helen’s medium short layered bob is both classic and stylish. It works well with her finer texture and gives her volume and body.

Also this length bob also gives her the hair appearance of being thicker.  Thicker hair always looks younger. The side swept bangs soften the style, making it sexy and also giving her face a slight lift. The length of the cut and how the cut is angled around the face are critical in making mature women look their best. Also her color is always on the light side.  Helen Mirren has a multiple toned highlight with both warm and cool light tones and at times leaving a bit a grey showing.

How to: Short Hair in a Short Medium Layered Bob with Side Swept Bangs
Some short layered hairstyles older women can enjoy start with easy application of great hair products. To get soft lift and create those side swept bangs, choose a product that softly grooms but adds control to finer flyaway pieces.

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Diane Keaton – Longer Short Face Framing Bob

Try this longer bob for a mature hair style.Diane’s hair has never looked better. All the right things are happening here to give a youthful but still age appropriate elegant appearance. The cut is a bit of longer bob. It is a myth that as women get older that their hair should automatically become shorter… although super long hair is not a good choice for mature women. But a somewhat longer style that is below the chin but to or above the shoulders works well, especially when the hair fabric is of such great quality as with Diane Keaton.

The hair is healthy, shiny, and the hair color spot on. Her cut is also layered around the face with side swept bangs. Her color is a rich light brunette with multidimensional golden blonde highlights, which makes her hair appear even thicker. Also Diane’s hair style is extremely shiny with zero frizz, which can be a big problem with mature hair fabric.

How to: Short Hair in a Longer Face Framing Bob
Look for a product that is weightless, that smoothes frizz and creates a voluminous but silky effect.

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