Father’s Day Messages: Greetings, Letters, and Comments for Dad, Stepfather, Father-in-Law, and Grandfather

Thoughtful Father’s Day Greeting for Father-in-Law
No matter if your Father’s Day plans are with your dad-in-law or your own dad, you should make a special point to share your feelings with both special men in your life. Be sure to take some time to let your father-in-law know how much you appreciate his love and support. If you are not yet married, it would be especially nice if you share some thoughtful Father’s Day greetings with your girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, or fiancé’s father.

Keep all the men in your life in mind on Father's Day.Some examples of things to say to your father-in-law on Father’s Day:

–    Happy Father’s Day! Love, your new [daughter / son]
–    You mean the world to us both. We are so lucky to have you for a dad.
–    Wishing you a memorable and exciting Father’s Day with all of us who love you.

Loving Father’s Day Messages for Grandpa
Grandparents are such a special part of every family. If you are lucky enough to have your grandfather or your spouse’s grandfather still living, be sure to let him know how much you care and how glad you are he is in your life. In your special Father’s Day card or message for grandpop, consider bringing up some of your favorite memories of times you spent with your grandfather.

Some special Father’s Day messages for your grandfather may include:

–    Happy Father’s Day to the greatest inspiration of our lives.
–    Grandfather, we love everything about you and we are so happy to have you in our lives.
–    Grandpop, you mean so much to us. We are blessed to have a grandfather like you.

Special Father’s Day Comments to Consider
In addition to the father figures in your life, don’t forget to share special Father’s Day wishes and sentiments with your husband, brothers, cousins, or friends and neighbors who have their own child or children. You can send special greetings, Father’s Day ecards, or simply give a phone call to say “Happy Father’s Day.” You can also use technology to share your best wishes on Facebook, via email, and so forth.

Speak and write from your heart and your Father’s Day messages and comments will be just perfect. Take the time to express how you feel and share your love and appreciation openly. Wish all the dads you know a Happy Father’s Day.


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  1. Yes, i always enjoy fathers day. Thanks for sharing and bringing back my memories..as am now far away from my family!

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