Natural Fitness Eco-Smart Yoga Mat Product Review

Try the Natural Fitness Eco-Smart Yoga MatFor some reason, yoga feels better to me in the summer than any other month. Maybe it’s because being outside is like a Bikram class all on its own. Or maybe it’s because yoga works best for toning for sleeveless dresses and bathing suits. Whatever the reason, I’m glad to have my new Eco-Smart Yoga Mat on my side.

Until now, I’d been using the $10 mat I bought at Target. Don’t get me wrong, for $10 it’s fine. But I didn’t know what I was missing until I tried the Eco-Smart Yoga Mat from Natural Fitness. First of all, it’s free from toxins and environmentally safe, a plus on its own. Also, I love the purple/green color combination. It’s calming and, as my boyfriend pointed out, ‘not too girly looking.’

You can practice yoga outside with a good yoga mat!Most of what I like about the mat, though, is how it feels. It has great compression, cleans easily, and sticks to the floor. It occasionally does stick to my feet, too, but not as badly as other mats I’ve tried. The compression resistance indicates that I will likely get a long life from it, and it’s pretty light to carry. The only problem with the mat is that it doesn’t solve the problem of sweaty hands: it does take more sweat for hands to start slipping, but slip they do. I still need to put down a towel to get through a slip-free workout.

For $19.99, the mat is a great deal. More than twice as good as my cheap Target alternative, it’s definitely worth the extra $10. They’ve got a range of colors and patterns to choose from. And using a safe and environmentally responsible product feels great too.

You can find the Eco Smart mat at Natural Fitness’s Web site: They offer tons of other great fitness accessories and equipment, all within their mission of Zero Impact (meaning that they off-set their impact on the environment in the manufacturing and distribution of their products by engaging in pro-environment programs). A great mission and a great product!


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