Softer Feet Means Prettier Feet for the Summer – Use CVS® Brand Exfoliating Moisturizer

As most females come to discover once they reach the teenage years and even long after that, the feet take a true beating no matter what type of shoe is worn. Women often buy shoes according to how they look rather than how they feel, and this is a mistake that our feet often pay for. Additionally, walking around in sandals or flip flops constantly can take some wear and tear on our feet.

Of course, certain shoes like those that women squeeze their feet into are going to beat up feminine feet ever such a tiny bit more than shoes that fit properly. Even shoes that are too big can damage our feet, leading to calluses or dry, hardened spots that we don’t want. High heels, especially stilettos, can create tiny bumps on our toes that just do not want to go away even years after we have stopped wearing shoes that require a real balancing act to walk in.

Fortunately, lots of different products are available to help women soften their feet including foot files, Ped Eggs, creams, lotions, and ointments. Using one or more of them on a regular basis can have a big effect on the way our feet look and feel. In fact, softer skin on our feet generally means that our feet look better than they do with dry, hardened spots, cracks, or calluses.

Softer feet mean prettier feet for the summer, the time of year when feet come out of hiding. Who wants to wear sandals when their feet look all scruffy and callused? Or flip flops or simply run around the pool or spa barefoot? Getting our feet back to the soft, tender appearance of our early years is important if we want to look our best.

Intended for use on dry, scaly, or callused feet, CVS® Brand Exfoliating Moisturizer is sold in a convenient 1-ounce tube at CVS Pharmacies across the country. The tube has a flip lid so you can’t accidentally lose the lid, which is nice. The ointment is thick so don’t be surprised if you have to push a tiny bit harder to get it to dispense from the tube.

CVS® Brand Exfoliating Moisturizer has a fresh, clean scent so you shouldn’t mind using it. There’s no perfumed scent so the ointment won’t compete with any lotions or perfumes that you choose to use. This water-soluble ointment is comparable to Kerasal® except that it is less expensive.

You should use CVS® Brand Exfoliating Moisturizer on a daily basis to keep your feet as soft and smooth as possible. If you need to skip a day, try not to allow it to extend to several days in between treatment, because you will notice a real difference in the way your feet feel to the touch.

It is best to apply this soothing ointment on clean, freshly washed feet for the best results. You can either do this after your daily shower or use a foot bath for a bit of extra care and pampering.

I received a free sample of CVS® Brand Exfoliating Moisturizer for the purposes of this review, but I am glad that I did. I am always looking for products to help me to keep my youthful looks. How about you?


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