Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads of All Ages


Most likely, you consider your dad to be attractive if not downright handsome in appearance. Why not help him to take good care of his skin, teeth, hair, and more with the gift of a basket filled with grooming and personal care items? Reach outside the ordinary and grab a few items that dad probably won’t purchase for himself and use anything that seems appropriate for a basket including a duffle bag, plastic container, and even a toolbox. If you aren’t interested in creating a basket of your own, why not try the first item listed below as it comes with an attractive case that holds all of the essentials?

Every Man Jack’s Modern Dad Kit:

Most dads shave every day and even those who have a beard occasionally shave it off. The Every Man Jack’s Modern Dad Kit offers a delightful and useful collection of shaving essentials all packed neatly away in an attractive carrying tote with two zippered sections. This kit includes a large size tube of shaving cream for sensitive skin, skin hydrating face wash, post-shave face lotion, and a twin pack of fragrance-free lip balm.
Every Man Jack’s Modern Dad Kit is available at www.EveryManJack.com.

Pacific Shaving Company: Offering a few nice twists to the time-proven tradition of buying dad shaving cream, the Pacific Shaving Company sells a nice collection of All Natural Shaving Oil™, All Natural Shaving Cream, Nick Stick, and Blade Oil. The Pacific All Natural Shaving Oil is designed to be used solo or beneath the shaving cream. Each bottle is good for 100 shaves. The Pacific All Natural Shaving Cream lasts for as many as 40 shaves while using a low-lather formula that softens and soothes. The Pacific Nick Stick stops bleeding fast and rolls on clear while providing vitamins A & E for better skin. The Pacific Blade Oil includes enough for an entire year and works with all types of razor blades. Pacific Shaving Company products can be purchased at local retailers. They can be purchased separately or in a natural, eco-friendly gift set that includes each of these items for $27.95. Check out their Web site, www.pacificshaving.com for more information.

Nivea® for Men Q10: As men age, so does their skin. Taking care of it is important not only so dad can continue looking handsome, but also so he can feel good about himself. Make up a gift basket for dad and include the following products for a bit of pampering protection as you give dad the gift of softer, healthier skin: Nivea® for Men Q10 Revitalizing Shaving Gel (energizes dad’s skin while he shaves and provides a close shave), Nivea® for Men Q10 Revitalizing Eye Roller Gel (visibly reduces puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines around the eyes), Nivea® for Men Q10 Revitalizing Double Action Balm (energizes and soothes dad’s face after shaving), and Nivea® for Men Q10 Revitalizing Lotion (refreshes, revitalizes, and protects tired skin). You can also toss a back scrubber, shavers, and maybe some nice cologne into your gift package. You can purchase Nivea products in a wide assortment of stores and online sites including Walgreens, www.Amazon.com, and www.Drugstore.com. Product prices range from $3.99 to $8.99.

Radius Intelligent Toothbrush:

One of the coolest features about the Radius Intelligent Toothbrush is that it offers a reverse handle for left-handed individuals. How many toothbrushes can lay claim to that? Plus, it includes a use-wear meter on the side of the handle. Each Radius Intelligent Toothbrush is intended to last for as many as 180 uses. One replacement head is included with each Radius Intelligent Toothbrush. These toothbrushes are created from 93% recycled materials including U. S. dollar bills, flax, and wood to provide an eco-friendly product. Visit the folks at www.radiustoothbrush.com for more information.

Vaseline® Men Cooling Hydration Body Lotion: Keeping the skin properly moisturized is important to a person’s health. Vaseline® Men Cooling Hydration Body Lotion is designed not only to actively hydrate the skin while fighting dryness, but it also cools skin on contact with a soothing touch of menthol. A 24.5-ounce pump sells for approximately $6.00 and has a refreshing masculine scent. For more products and information on the body lotion, see www.vaseline.com.

Royall Lyme All Purpose Lotion Spray: Everyone wants dad to smell good, so why not indulge and buy him an after shave & body cologne to help him out? Royall Lyme All Purpose Lotion Spray is sold in a convenient 4-fl.oz. size package that is attractive. Not only does it smell good, but Royall Lyme All Purpose Lotion Spray also offers a soothing, cooling action that makes men feel terrific. You can buy Royall Lyme at The Vermont Country Store or at Amazon.com. The Vermont Country Store offers countless gifts for anyone on your list for Father’s Day or any other special occasion.

TheraNeem® Botanical Cleansing Bar: Made with certified organic oils, oakmoss, and soothing shea butter, TheraNeem® Botanical Cleansing Bar is an all natural product made without synthetic colors, scents, or preservatives. Intended for use as a man’s shaving and complexion bar, TheraNeem® Botanical Cleansing Bar is sold in an attractive 4-oz. box. Its scent is pleasant and fresh. The ingredients are intended to help balance and nourish the skin. For more information, visit www.organixsouth.com.




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