Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads of All Ages


Even though it is considered to be a dad’s job to protect his family, there’s nothing in societal rules that state that children and wives can’t also protect the dads in their lives. Does your dad play sports? If so, this next gift is perfect to keep his smile intact.

Brain-Pad Mouth Guards: Mouth guards are important to wear while playing sports in order to protect the teeth and brain from injury. Brain-Pad mouth guards, designed to provide a secure fit even over braces, protect both the upper and lower teeth while providing a safety cushion for the brain and TMJ by securely repositioning the jaw. Brain-Pad mouth guards can be used with or without helmets and come with a handy 3-way strap and anti-microbial protective case. Brain-Pad mouth guards are perfect Father’s Day gifts for all athletic dads. Learn more at www.brainpads.com or order them online at Amazon.com.

Nalgene Reusable Bottles: Made in the USA and super tough, Nalgene reusable bottles are perfect for men who like to carry their own personal water bottle. They are crafted from copolyester and so they are BPA free and dishwasher safe. The narrow mouth design and loop top of the Nalgene reusable water bottles are two features that add to its desirability. Visit http://www.nalgene-outdoor.com for more information or styles. You can also buy these bottles online at Amazon.com.


No matter how old your dad is, there has to be some type of hobby that he enjoys even if it is something simple like reading the newspaper with a cup of aromatic coffee nearby. Make sure you do a bit of sleuthing though to see if your dad has picked up any new hobbies lately before you run out to the store. The following suggestions might not suit your dad, but if they do, you cannot go wrong.

Bachmann Trains: How many times have you heard someone say that men are just like overgrown kids? Well, if that is true, maybe your dad would like a brand new set of Bachmann Trains. Even if he has matured into an adult, most fathers love to tinker and have a good time with a quality toy every now and again. The Bachmann Trains Santa Fe Flyer model comes complete with a ready-to-run electric train set on an HO scale. It includes a speed controller, EMD FT Diesel Locomotive, Hopper, Gondola, and Caboose. This is a great gift for dads with young children or grandchildren since it creates an excellent opportunity for bonding. Check out the wide world of Bachmann Trains online at www.bachmanntrains.com or order a set at Amazon.com.

What I Would Tell Her: 28 Devoted Dads on Bringing Up, Holding On To and Letting Go of Their Daughter: This is the perfect book for daughters to give their fathers on Father’s Day (for their wedding and any other special event of the year.) Carefully composed from heartwarming essays written by 28 dads, the book provides insight to the special bond that exist between daughters and their fathers. What I Would Tell Her, a Harlequin Nonfiction book, sells for $13.95 US/$16.95 CAN. You can buy a copy of this sweet and sentimental book at Amazon.com.

While it might be difficult for some individuals to say those special words, “I love you” to their dads, it is often much easier to buy a gift that says it all. Just because Father’s Day happens each year doesn’t mean that you have to keep buying the same old gifts.

Products provided free to writer for reviewWhy not purchase one or more of the gifts listed above and show your dad just how much you care? Just remember to try and arrange to spend at least part of Father’s Day with your dad if you can for extra special memories. Don’t forget to have your camera ready for that picture-perfect moment that occurs when he opens his gift with surprise and a delighted response.


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