Mother’s Day: Thoughtful Jewelry Gifts for Mom

Although Mother’s Day comes around just once a year, we should really show Mom we care every day! And often when we no longer live with our parents, it becomes more and more difficult to spend as much time with our parents as we would like. That’s why it is a great idea to get Mom a beautiful Mother’s Day gift that she can enjoy all year long and for many years to come. Jewelry items make great Mother’s Day gifts, and here are some to consider for your own mom.

Diamond Toe Rings from CliQ collection (Courtesy of SuperFit Inc.)

“The best gift for our mothers is an indulgence that they would otherwise deprive themselves,” said Eric Alulis of SuperFit Inc. “And what is more indulging than DIAMONDS! Adding extra sparkle to their jewelry arsenal is always a welcome concept – but it’s your mother, so think practical and fun – not over the top and sexy. Diamonds that every woman should have and can wear regularly….

Diamond Earrings“Perhaps when giving her a break from the kitchen by taking her to the nicest restaurant in town, you include some diamond hoop earrings. Or maybe get together with some siblings and chip in to give a fun watch (

It is always nice to get people gifts they wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themselves. The indulgent factor really adds to the special meaning behind the gift, because you want to give Mom something nice that she will appreciate, but also something that is thoughtful and personally selected.

“The ultimate compliment to that spa retreat would be a diamond toe ring from CliQ,” Alulis added. “CliQ™ rings open and close on a virtually invisible hinge, giving you a toe ring that fits perfectly whether you are wearing it with a new pair of heels or on the beach.

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Token Tags

Token Tags™ are another popular gift for Mom. Moms are often so proud of their kiddos, and a personalized jewelry item offers one more way for kids to keep themselves on Mom’s mind. Token Tags are sterling silver, hand-stamped charms that can bear any special name, word, nickname, or certain phrases.

Because they are hand-crafted, no two Token Tags are exactly like. They are fully customizable and each one is made-to-order. The tags are available as charm necklaces or as key chains. Necklaces are about ¼” wide by 1 and 1/4” to 1 and 1/2” long, depending on the length of the desired word. Key chains are stamped on a heavier sterling sheet for extra sturdiness, and they are about ½” wide, with the length also determined by length of the selected text.

Personalize Token Tags with your favorite words or phrases.“For a Mom there is nothing more personal than keeping a reminder of your angel around your neck,” said Token Tags creator Elizabeth Lindsay. “Whether it is a name, birth date, or nickname, these tags will always bring a smile to a proud mother’s face.

“Imagine tags that read: ‘Thanks Mom,’ kids’ names, or a double sided tag that reads (One side): ‘Home is’ (The other side): ‘where mom is.’ Because these are 100% personal, the options are endless and speak to Soccer moms and fashionistas alike.”

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