4th of July Recipes and Food Ideas

Enjoy a barbeque for the Fourth of July!Fourth of July parties are the perfect time to have a barbeque with lots of yummy grilled food, snacks, desserts, and side dishes. You can use special Fourth of July recipes, adapt older recipes to include the red, white, and blue theme, or create your own food ideas. To prepare for your 4th of July picnic or barbeque, plan your party menu ahead of time and make sure you have something for everyone – kids, adults, vegetarians, and anyone else.

Consider these 4th of July recipes and food ideas to help you complete the prep work for your Independence Day party.

Easy Enhancements to Favorite 4th of July Recipes
You don’t have to change your normal party routine to enjoy a special new recipe here and there. Sometimes a small change in ingredients can make all the difference. Consider these tips with suggestions for how to spruce up some of your current favorite recipes.

•    Burgers: Use fresh ground beef instead of boxed hamburger patties. There’s nothing like a homemade, handmade burger! For an extra little bit of zing, add a teaspoon of A1 Steak Sauce for each pound of beef. Add a dash of salt and pepper, too.

•    Corn on the Cob: Instead of your standard corn on the cob, try a delectable bacon-wrapped corn on the cob. Simply remove the silk hairs but keep the leaves on the corn cob. Soak them for about 15 minutes to a half hour to prevent burning. Then wrap the bacon around the corn cob, replace the leaves and toss the corn on the grill.

•    Hawaiian Chicken Skewers:
For a tasty snack, Fourth of July appetizer, or main course, cube the chicken and place it on a bamboo skewer. (Soak the skewers for a half hour first.) Place freshly cubed pineapple on the skewer next and continue to alternate between chicken and pineapple. If you or your guests like peppers, they also make a nice addition.

Other Fourth of July Food Ideas
The above Fourth of July recipes are classics and make nice snack options. In addition to those main courses, you can simply modify something on your party menu until it fits your needs. For the Fourth of July Desserts, you can easily dress up the confections with red, white, and blue decorations.

Here are a few food ideas to consider for your Fourth of July party:

•    Brownies
•    Cookies
•    Salad
•    Veggie tray
•    Fruit salad
•    Baked ziti
•    Potato salad
•    Pasta salad
•    Chips and dip

Remember, these are just a few recipes and food ideas for the Fourth of July. Come up with your own accents, main courses, sides, and desserts or ask guests to bring a covered dish or dessert to round out the offerings. Happy 4th!


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