Wedding Make Up Tips

Consider these tips for wedding make up for brides, bridesmaids, mothers, etc.Brides, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride and groom should all pay special attention to their wedding make up selection. A professional wedding make up artist can offer true talent to add the perfect polish to your wedding day look. No matter if you are in the bridal party, mother of the bride or groom, or the bride herself, you should keep a few special wedding make up tips in mind as you prepare for the big day.

Depending on the season and the weather on the wedding day, you may wish to plan for cosmetic touchups and prevention of boo-boos like running mascara or melting foundation. Today’s makeup selection offers countless cosmetics options for brides and their loved ones, from soft powders and lightweight powdery mineral foundations to waterproof mascara, fake eyelashes, and more.

To prepare for the wedding make up application, consider these tips on wedding make up.

•    Be honest with the person doing your make up application. If you like only a little foundation or prefer a lot of mascara, let her know so you are both happy with the outcome.

•    Keep in mind the color of your dress, shoes, and shawl, if applicable. If possible to show the wedding make up artist your dress or a picture of it, that may help as she chooses the color palette for your eye makeup and lipstick.

Try these wedding make up tips.•    Drink from a straw once you’ve had your make up applied. This little trick can help lengthen the lifetime of your wedding make up.

•    Brides should consider fake eyelashes or special brush-on fiber lashes. The longer lashes look great in the wedding photos. Other members of the bridal party should leave the fake lashes for the bride.

•    Bridesmaids should check with the bride to ensure she is happy with how she looks. Some brides may be shy and may not want to speak up about how the make up or hair turned out. The bridesmaids should be vocal for the bride so she is fully happy and excited about her appearance on her wedding day.

•    Remember that the application is often heavier than you would expect, but it typically works great for photos. While you may not be used to darker lips, darker eyes, or foundation and blush all over your face, keep in mind that the makeup artist has your prettiest appearance in mind. Still, if you are uncomfortable with this level of wedding make up, simply ask for a more natural look.

•    If you choose to do your own wedding make up, be sure to cover the major areas. Choose appropriate colors for your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Apply a lightweight mineral foundation or powder to your face to even out your complexion. Don’t forget eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara.

•    Be sure to bring extra make up with you to the wedding for touchups. The bridesmaids should be able to help the bride and mother of the bride and groom with their make up touchups throughout the evening.

The most important thing in choosing wedding make up is to be comfortable and confident with the way you look. No matter if you are the bride, a mother, or a bridesmaid, it’s vital that you feel good about how you look so you can fully enjoy the special day.


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