Hen Party Planning and Hen Night Ideas

These days women don’t always need a special reason to host a hen night or a hen party. Hen parties are events for women only, and all the females enjoy fun activities, games, or excursions together. Sometimes a hen party or hen night may be in honor of a special milestone like a birthday or a bachelorette party. In fact, “hen party” is often used synonymously with bachelorette party. Other times, though, it’s just a great excuse to get together with the girls.

Since hen parties are for women only, many times the hen party may end up being a sleepover or slumber party or a special night out to a male revue. However, all hen nights don’t have to go this way. A low key hen party could involve simple makeovers, manicures, and pedicures, while a wild and crazy hen party would be more likely to involve the male strippers and lots of booze. The type of hen party you have really should depend on the guests you are inviting.

Top Reasons to Host a Hen Night or Hen Party
While you can host a hen night for any reason or no reason at all, consider these suggested reasons for when would be a great time to plan a hen night.

1.    Bachelorette Party
2.    Milestone Birthday
3.    Recent Breakup / Divorce
4.    Anti-Valentine’s Day for Single Hens
5.    Husband / Boyfriend Away on Business

Best Hen Night or Hen Party Ideas
No matter what the age of the hens in your party, you can plan a spectacular evening, full day, or even an entire weekend for your group of girls. If you are about to plan a hen party, consider these tips for things you could do or places you could go for your hen night!

Consider these fun activities you can plan for your hen party, girls night, or bachelorette weekend.1.    Winery Tours
2.    Day at the Spa
3.    Spa at Home – manis, pedis, and facials
4.    Makeover Night
5.    Bowling Party
6.    Shopping at the outlets or a major mall
7.    Nightclub Outing
8.    Chick Flick Movie Night (with pints of ice cream)
9.    Hen Party Games
10.    Night at the Bar
11.    Karaoke Night
12.    Smoothie Night
13.    Wine Tasting Party at Home
14.    Fondue Party – what can’t you dip in chocolate?
15.    Deep Fryer Party – what can’t you deep fry? (Think Oreos, Shrimp, Pickles, Candy Bars!)
16.    Movie Theater Night
17.    Hen Party at the Beach
18.    Hen Party in Vegas
19.    Casino Night
20.    New York City Trip

Whatever you decide to do for your hen party, girls’ night, or hen weekend, be sure you take the time to snap a few photos. You’ll really appreciate having them to tide you over till your next girls’ only event!


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  1. Are you organizing your Hen nights in London? Then you have made a right decision- London offers endless options for you as well as your hen group.

  2. Thanks for giving your views, i think women are opting to indulge in hen weekend rather than just having a single hen party.

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