Hen Party Games and Dares

What would a girls’ night be without hen party games and dares? Since a hen party is meant for girls only, hen party games will also be for only females. Hen party games and dares can take place anywhere – it can be something as simple as a night of games at someone’s home to playing Truth or Dare at a bar or even in Las Vegas. Your hen party games and dares can be completely off the wall, wild, and crazy, or they can be rather innocent, basic, and tame – it really depends on the crowd of hens.

Once you have the guest list and the location of the hen party in order, it is time to start thinking about your options for activities and hen party games. Consider these suggestions for fun hen party game ideas for any age.

Top Hen Party Games to Enjoy
Consider these fun and exciting hen party games for your bachelorette party, birthday party, or other hen night outing.

Try these games and dare suggestionos for a hen party or hen weekend.1.    Scavenger Hunt – Participate in a Girls-Only Scavenger Hunt. Even more fun at the bar!

2.    Old School Games – Play M.A.S.H. or other old school games from your childhood.

3.    Poker Night – Have your own poker night – use poker chips, candy, or real money.

4.    Naughty Board Games – Play some risqué board games if your group of girls is up for a thrill.

5.    Drinking Party Games – Take part in various drinking games if all of your guests are of the legal drinking age (and if no one has to drive later).

6.    TP Wedding Dress Creation – have two teams compete to design the best dress using rolls of toilet paper.

7.    Bar Games – Rate the guys you see at a bar or nightclub with your own secret rating scale, or make up a game where the next guy to step on a certain crack or walk on a piece of paper on the ground is your future husband.

8.    Never Have I Ever – With drinks in hand, each girl takes a turn finishing the sentence “never have I ever…” with something they have or have not done. Each participant who has done said deed must drink a sip of her beverage. There are other variations of the game, but this is the simple way – drink if you did it, don’t drink if you didn’t.

9.    Clink and Drink – As a getting-to-know-you game, have everyone at the hen party ready with a drink, and each person gets to mention how they know the guest of honor. Anyone else who can agree with the comment also clinks glasses and takes a sip. For example, “we went to high school together” would result in anyone who went to high school with the guest of honor cheers-ing and taking a sip.

Best Hen Party Dares to Use
Try these games and dare suggestionos for a hen party or hen weekend.Hen party dares can be wild and crazy to the max. You should just keep in mind the safety and comforts of your group as you play a classic game of Truth or Dare. If you are looking for exciting hen party dares to include in your festivities, consider the following. Remember, not every dare is right for every girl or every group, so please use discretion.

1.    Sing a song at Karaoke… and make it somewhat embarrassing.
2.    Ask a hot guy for a phone number.
3.    Throw your bra on stage at a venue with live music.
4.    Dance on a table or on the bar if permitted.
5.    Grab a single guy’s butt.
6.    Drink a disgusting shot like a Cement Mixer.
7.    Streak through the yard if you are at someone’s home.
8.     Start dancing with a guy the group picks out for you.
9.    Yell out an embarrassing comment or phrase.
10.   Call a crush or send a flirty text message to someone you like.

You can also make up your own hen night dares or purchase card sets of hen night dares and challenges. Just remember to be sensitive to the comforts of the bride or guest of honor as well as your other guests.

Remember to take a lot of pictures at your hen party, during the games, dares, and even a group shot before everyone goes home. Make it a time to remember forever!


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