Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Unique Presents for Mom

Hip Threads

Wifeville Tees – Especially great for husbands to give their wives, or for new moms, for newlywed wives, or for sassy moms, offers a whole line of cool fashion T-shirts. Sayings range from “The Wife is Right” with the large dollar sign to “Wife of the Party,” “Wife Gone Wild,” and more.

Tees are super soft and comfortable, offering a fitted style with room to breathe. Wifeville shirts come in many different styles and colors, from white to blue, brown, green, and more, depending on the style. The entire Wifeville site has this contagious enthusiasm and ‘zest for wife’ that just makes you want to run around cheering for your role as your husband’s better half. What better gift than a reminder of the special bond you share with your significant other, and of course, some cool gear to gloat to the heavens that you are indeed the Lucky Wife!

Don’t try to resist it. Visit to see for yourself!

Cost: Items starting at $20, Tees between $25 and $35

Cool Factor: also offers exciting undies, bathing suit covers, lounge pants, track suits, gloves, and much more.


Karma Threads Tees: Look good, do good! – This gift idea also fits in the “green” category, but we women love fashion too, so I stuck it here instead. Karma Threads T-shirts make bold statements with bold colors and fun and funky designs. The ultra-soft 100% cotton tees are organic and actually made in Thailand. The best way to describe the Karma Threads style is to quote the tag on the shirt – “Karma Threads, a positive messaging apparel company fusing vintage flair with contemporary design.”

Karma Threads T-shirts are super comfortable and available in hip, fun colors! But T-shirts aren’t the only thing this cool company has to offer. Karma Threads also produces fashion-forward, useful tote bags. These are great to use in place of plastic bags at the store, but they are big enough for just about any of your needs. Fun colors in bright pink and bright orange on a canvas bag show a butterfly composed with recycling arrows, underneath the statement “You don’t want to return as a plastic bag, do you?” and “Don’t mess with Karma.” below. The other side of the bag features a smaller version of the butterfly with a single arrow circling a bright pink statement, “What goes around, comes around.”

For more information, visit on the Web at

Cost: $45 per shirt, $200 for a bouquet of five shirts

Cool Factor: Karma Threads donates a portion of its proceeds to nurture and shelter teens in need. How’s that for Karma?


Southfield Designs Jewelry – Do you have that hard-to-shop-for mom who tends to like things a little off the beaten path? If so, you might want to check out the unique jewelry offerings of Southfield Designs. You can get beautifully hand-beaded jewelry creations ranging from pressed flowers encased in glass to beaded arachnids and other creepy crawlies.

Artist Joyce Weeks crafts these handmade jewelry creations in the Berkshire Mountains. She compresses dried flowers between miniature panes of glass, trims them with shiny metal, and adds them to necklaces of semiprecious stones. Her handmade “beady bugs” consist of spiders, butterflies, dragonflies, and lady bugs, which are all hand-crafted from tiny glass beads.

For more information on her unique creations, visit on the Web at

Cost: Items start at $30

Cool Factor: The artist will donate $1 of every purchase to Autism Speaks. Also, she is happy to do custom creations in certain colors or styles.


Nikon Coolpix S550Nikon COOLPIX S550 – With all the kids’ sporting events and other memorable activities, it’s only natural that mom will want a good quality camera to capture life’s most exciting moments. Available in three colors (Cool Blue, Plum, and Graphite Black), this handy little camera offers 10 megapixels, a 5x optical zoom, a large 2.5-inch LCD display, and Vibration Reduction Technology for shake-free shots.

Cost: $229

Cool Factor: The camera’s Smile Detection feature makes sure your subjects are smiling when you snap the photo. The camera’s Blink Warning alerts you when one of your photo subjects has blinked.


Red SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 PlayerSansa Fuze MP3 player from SanDisk – Moms who love music will really get a kick out of this affordable MP3 player. It’s available in red or pink and boasts many features in addition to playing music – such as video downloads, FM radio, built-in microphone, and MicroSD card slot to add more memory or transfer pictures back and forth between devices.

Cost: Less than $100

Cool Factor: The built-in microphone allows kids to leave their mom a message when they give the player as a gift, and allows moms to record to-do lists, shopping lists, and more.


Sentimental and Spiritual

WaxWorks Encaustic Paintings – If you want to give Mom a gift she won’t soon forget, look into getting her a custom WaxWorks masterpiece. WaxWorks marries photography with the Greek technique, encaustic painting, which involves use of beeswax and paint pigment and dates to as early as 800 B.C. WaxWorks artists take the image you submit and mount it on a wood panel with a special glue. They coat it with natural beeswax, oil paint, and liquid resin to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind p
iece of art.

To make each piece even more unlike anything else, artists select custom colors to change the texture and tonality of the work of art. Wedding day captures and images of beloved pets seem to be among the favorites for this service, but just imagine how timeless it would be to give Mom a shot of her children all together. You could submit a recent portrait, or better yet, a photograph from your childhood that would bring tears of joy to Mother’s eyes.

For more information on WaxWorks creations, visit

Cost: $300 and up, depending on size

Cool Factor: Your favorite photo can become a timeless, personalized work of art!

Coby's DP-151 digital photo frame keychainCoby’s DP-151 – This new portable digital photo frame keychain makes a great gift for moms who like to show off their kids. The device features a 1.5-inch screen and enough memory to hold as many as 60 digital photos.

Cost: $29.99

Cool Factor: It’s available in red, blue, black, or white.



Coby Digital Photo FramesCoby Digital Photo Frames – Available in sizes ranging from 5.6 inches to 10 inches, these photo frames are great for mom’s office, bedroom, or favorite place. Three frame styles are available: clear plastic with white/black interchangeable faceplates, brushed steel in gold or silver, and a wood frame with a quartz clock.

Cost: $99 – $180

Cool Factor: These frames play MP3 and video files, too!

Heavenly Crosses – For that mom who values religion, faith, and spirituality, consider one of these unique items: a bookmark, bracelet, keychain, necklace, or zipper-pull with a beautiful cross. They can be customized with Mom’s favorite color or with a color that has a significant meaning to you. Heavenly Crosses are lightweight, measuring only about 1.5 inches by 1 inch. They also feature a simulated leather cord. For more information, visit on the Web at

Cost: $5.50 to $10

Cool Factor: Real, hand-bent horseshoe nails and colored wire come together to create each Heavenly Cross.

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