Fun Things to Do on a Summer Weekend with Family, Friends, or a Significant Other

Summertime is a fun time that often encourages us to get up and do something. It’s also a great time for relaxing by the pool or at the shore. No matter what your style, you and your family, friends, and sweetheart are sure to have a great summer weekend as long as you do what you like best. Consider these tips for fun things to do on a summer weekend with family, friends, and sweethearts.

As you think about what you would like to do on a particular summer weekend, keep in mind various factors like the heat index and weather forecast, the number of people in your group, and the distance you are willing to travel for your fun summer weekend plans. Here are a few suggestions for activities and adventures you can enjoy this summer.


Ideas for a Sunny Summer Weekend (or Summer Day)
Consider these fun things to do in the summer with your sweetheart, friends, or family.If the sun is shining and the weather couldn’t be better, consider these ideas for your plans on a beautiful summer weekend (or summer day):

1.    Go to the beach.
2.    Go to an amusement park.
3.    Go to the drive-in movies.
4.    Play miniature golf.
5.    Go to a baseball game.
6.    Go hiking at a nearby mountain.
7.    Go for bike rides.
8.    Play roller hockey, football, basketball, or volleyball.
9.    Plan a golf weekend.
10.    Plan a spa weekend.
11.    Plan a shopping weekend at a place with some good outlets.
12.    Go fishing – rent a boat or fish from the shore or pier.
13.    Go to the boardwalk.
14.    Go camping.
15.    Find a venue with outdoor music!
16.    Have a barbeque at your house.

Ideas for a Rainy Summer Weekend (or Summer Day)
If the weather isn’t so great on a particular summer weekend or even a single summer day, you can still have a good time by finding something creative to do. Consider these ideas for what you can do on a rainy summer weekend or rainy summer day:

1.    Go to the movies.
2.    Host a movie marathon or movie night at your house.
3.    Play video games with friends.
4.    Do something crafty inside.
5.    Visit a local winery for a wine tasting.
6.    Go to a bed & breakfast and just relax the weekend away.
7.    Check out a local museum or science center.
8.    Rearrange your furniture and clean your house.
9.    Make homemade ice cream or sorbet.
10.    Host an indoor party.
11.    Go to an indoor concert venue somewhere.
12.    Check out a comedy club.
13.    Support a good cause at a beef-and-beer event.
14.    Go to a local casino. (But set a limit so you don’t spend all your money!)

These are just a few ideas to keep you busy on those sunny and rainy summer days and weekends. Many of these ideas are great for a group of friends or for a fun or romantic summer date with your boyfriend or girlfriend (or husband or wife), or even for a family adventure. Try a few of these activities and adventures this summer or come up with your own fun summer plans no matter what the weather!

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