Strand by Strand Hair Extensions and Ethnic Hair Textures

When it comes to applying strand by strand hair extensions to ethnic hair, or any texture of hair for that matter, the quality of the hair is most important.

For most ethnic hair textures, virgin Indian Remy hair works extremely well in creating a natural, long lasting look with strand by strand hair extensions. Hair referred to as “virgin” is hair that has not been chemically processed to alter the color, look, or texture of the hair. The hair is available in its own set of textures; straight, wavy, or curly. And the only colors available are that of natural black and various shades of dark brown.

The term “Remy” refers to hair that has cuticles facing the same direction, causing the hair to lay in the same direction.  The procedure of arranging the hair is such a way prevents tangling. Virgin Remy hair is the most highly sought after hair, as the high quality makes extension styles last a long time.

Strand by strand hair extensions are virtually undetectable once applied since each strand of hair is attached to a single strand of your own. The hair extensions can last for three to six months and you still have the control and flexibility to style your hair as you like.

When researching hair for strand by strand hair extensions on ethnic hair, be sure that you are using virgin remy hair. The brand of hair that I use for my clients is from the Wagman Primus Group, a trusted source in the industry for many years. My clients love the curly virgin Indian Remy hair. It’s easy for them to wash and go!

About the Expert:
Toccara specializes in strand by strand hair extensions in the Washington, D.C. area. Some of her popular hair extension services and styles include bone straight, cascading curls, ponytails, custom color, wash-n-go, and faux-hawk. For more information, please see:

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