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A Remedy for Cradle Cap: Bean-B-Clean Product Review

*Cradle Cap- a crusting and scaling rash (dermatitis) found on the scalps of many babies*
We’ve all seen babies with cradle cap before. Whether we’ve faced it with our own child or heard about the struggles of this rash through friends and family, dealing with cradle cap is not pleasant.

Well now’s the time to cheer, ladies… because cradle cap can be so much easier to cope with using this new revolutionary scalp massaging brush called Bean-B-Clean.

Bean-B-Clean is a soft, safe and soothing way to help deal with flakes and crustiness associated with cradle cap. This scalp massaging brush was created by a grandma and grandpa who were eagerly, yet unsuccessfully, searching for something to help ease their new grandbaby’s pain from cradle cap. With a few tweaks and tests to an existing product, Bean-B-Clean was born.

Though I do not have a little one in my home anymore, I have a very close friend who has personally benefited from having the Bean-B-Clean around. My friend (a very close one) has an 11-year-old daughter that deals with cradle cap all the time. She has these issues because her daughter is disabled.

My friend’s daughter has never walked a day in her life, she cannot speak to tell us what’s wrong nor can she move her arms to signal that she’s having a problem (much like a newborn).

Because of this, we need to pay close attention to her actions through facial expressions. We must also keep a close eye on any changes that take place on her body. Over the years, we’ve noticed that when her head is scabby and scaly, she tends to cry the most. Because she’s not a baby anymore, it’s hard to find a product fit for her. We’ve tried dandruff shampoos and other products, with little to no success.

After receiving the Bean-B-Clean and reading a few of the success stories on the product, my friend immediately came to mind. I had a good feeling about this product and was anxious to see if it worked.
After using the Bean-B-Clean for just a few short days, we definitely noticed a huge difference in her daughter’s scalp. It didn’t look as flaky anymore. What’s more, her daughter was not as irritable and she seemed to be more comfortable; much more than she had been in weeks. However, we’ve also noticed that, for us, the brush works best when bathing her. Being that she’s older, she doesn’t have that fine hair like most babies who do deal with cradle cap.

To this day my friend and I swear by this product. It has definitely been one life saver we couldn’t live without.

In the end, my friend now stands behind the Bean-B-Clean and states that, “If it can help ease the pain for an 11-year-old, it will definitely help a newborn baby for sure” …we honestly love the Bean-B-Clean and recommend it to anyone (whether young or old) when it comes to any scalp pain associated with cradle cap.

To find a retailer (and to learn more about this amazing new product), please visit www.bean-b-clean.com.

Disclosure: this product was provided to us, through Bean-B-Clean, for the purpose of my review. In no way did receiving this product influence my thoughts and opinions. Thank you.

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