The Expert Guide to the Perfect Fake Tan

Try these fake tanning tips from Andrew Parker.So, you want to look more like Beyoncé than Cruella De Vil? Well, you are in luck as we reveal this fantastic free expert guide for the perfect home fake baking experience:

Before you start the fake tanning application process, find the Aerosol Airbrush that works best for you – try it on your breast as an experiment (as you hopefully won’t be revealing those to too many people, right girls?), so that you can see how the color comes up.

Once you have chosen one to use on your whole body, get in the shower and make sure you exfoliate, using a loofah or a high quality body scrub to remove excess skin and give it a smooth feel. This will therefore make the color go on much smoother and much more naturally.


Dry your skin thoroughly afterwards and decide where you are going to apply the tanner. You might want to apply some moisturizer to areas where the skin is a bit tougher than the rest of your body, like knees and elbows. This skin can look funny when tanning cream is applied so the moisturizer should give you a more even look.

Wearing rubber gloves makes the application smoother and also protects your hands from staining. Don’t overdo it on areas like knees and elbows, and when you apply it to your face, watch you don’t overdo your neck in comparison. If you want cream applied to your back you will need assistance. Sit on an old towel in a room where you have some privacy so that you are not moving around a lot. A good time of the day to apply self tanning lotion is before you go to bed, so that you don’t stain your clothes, but remember to put old towels on the sheets so that you don’t stain them either.

Sometime it helps to start from your feet and work up, as this way you don’t get lines and streaks on your upper body when you bend over – clever expert tip there, girls! Also try to apply the cream in even, circular motions as best you can.

Once you have applied it, you should wash your hands immediately to stop staining. Wash your nails, cuticles and in between your fingers, as cream tends to gather here. You have to let the tanning cream dry for at least half an hour, so try and stay naked with a good magazine or you will stain your clothes and cause amateur patches to develop on your skin.

Girls, you’ll have all the boys like putty in your hands! Just remember to take those grotty rubber gloves off first.

About the Expert
Andrew Parker has written many articles on hair and beauty products with his media work with the UK’s leading online professional hair and beauty product retailers Gorgeous Locks. The Web site currently has exciting special offers available on leading Fake Bake tanning products.

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