10 More Weekend Getaways for Couples

Consider these top 10 weekend getaways for couples of all ages.If you are tired of the same old couples’ getaways to enjoy for a regular or long weekend, it may be time to spice up your weekends away. No matter if you are seeking cheap weekend getaways or more extravagant and luxurious end-of-week escapes, sometimes a short vacation is all you need to recharge your batteries and reignite the spark in your marriage or relationship. Even if you aren’t a planner, you can organize quick weekend getaways for you and your husband or wife, or boyfriend or girlfriend, easily and efficiently once you have an idea of what you would like to do.

As you prepare to plan one or more weekend getaways for couples, keep in mind whether you would like to plan a romantic getaway, an adventurous weekend, or a simple and relaxing vacation. If you like several of these weekend getaway ideas for couples, you can plan short and quick weekend escapes with your significant other for a couple different weekends throughout the year. Consider these 10 couples’ weekend getaway ideas for just about any starting location or vacation destination.

Weekend Getaway Ideas for Couples
Consider these top 10 adventurous, relaxing, and romantic weekend getaways for couples:

1.    Festival
– Find a fun festival to check out, whether it is a strawberry or food related festival, wine or beer fest, or even a music festival. You can also find great Halloween attractions to enjoy as a couple.

2.    Golf & Spa Weekend – Enjoy massages and beautiful golf courses with your loved one. Enjoy golfing and the spa together or separately depending on your preferences.

3.    Sports Team Road Trip – Follow your favorite sports team to an away game for a long weekend. Be it hockey, football, baseball, basketball, or another sport, you can have a great time rooting against the enemy on their own home turf.

4.    Big City Experience – Sometimes visiting a big city like New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, or Chicago can be a great experience for couples to enjoy together. Find fine food and desserts, enjoy a show, or take a walk around the city checking out all the sights.

5.    Brewery / Microbrewery Tour – Much like our winery tour suggestion in our other list of weekend getaways, you can also find a great time visiting breweries or microbreweries with your sweetheart. Enjoy tasting the beers and grab a bite to eat. This can even be a great day trip, depending on how close you live to the nearest brewery.

5 More Weekend Getaways for Couples…

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