Top 10 Girls’ Weekend Getaways – Ideas and Activities for Women of All Ages

Consider these fun girls weekend getaways for bachelorette parties, hen parties, or simple girls weekends.As we get older, it often seems that we see our dear friends less and less. That’s why it’s so important to plan regular girls’ weekend getaways (weekend getaways for women) to keep the bonds of friendship alive or even to celebrate a Bachelorette party. You can plan a great and affordable girls’ weekend out local to your home or you can organize a more extravagant girls’ weekend vacation involving airfare, bus fare, or road trip style driving. Consider the girls in your group and what each woman would be most inclined to do. Once you know your friends’ preferences and budgets, you should be well on your way to planning exciting, relaxing, and memorable girls’ weekend breaks.

As you begin thinking about various girls’ weekend getaway ideas that you might be able to put into action, consider opening the brainstorming session to all the girls in your group. Have each woman think of between three and five girls’ weekend getaways that she might like to try. Once you’ve collected all the responses from your friends, compare and consolidate the girls’ weekend activities and getaways into a single list. Share the overall list – or a list of the most popular suggestions for weekend getaways for women – with your group of girls and determine which trip suits your group the best.

Try these top 10 girls’ weekend ideas to escape the real world and enjoy some special time with your favorite girls.

Top 10 Girls’ Weekend Getaway Ideas
Plan a fun girls weekend with these suggestions.Women’s weekend getaways can be some of the most fun vacations ever when you get to travel with your best female friends. Consider these top 10 girls’ weekend ideas for your group of women, no matter what your ages.

1.    Weekend Spa Getaways – A girls’ spa weekend may be just what the doctor ordered to give you and your gal pals some rest, relaxation, and total mind, body, and spirit rejuvenation. Enjoy massages, facials, seaweed wraps and time in the sauna for a holistic weekend spa getaway.

2.    Wild Girls’ / Vegas Weekend – The wild weekend getaway for women can range from a local casino or male revue to an all-out Las Vegas vacation. This option may be perfect for Bachelorette parties and hen weekends. Just remember to use your discretion (especially if you are in a relationship or married) and stay safe no matter what you decide to do.

3.    Rustic Camping Weekend
– Even the girls enjoy a good camping trip now and again. Plan a fun camping experience for your closest friends where you can enjoy hiking, boating, fishing, sun tanning, and campfire cooking. Escape technology and embrace the great outdoors.

4.    Wine Weekend – A list of weekend getaways for women just wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate wine weekend. Plan a girls’ only wine tour or visit a winery with a wine stomp, chocolate pairing, or other fun and exciting twist.

5.    Road Trip Getaway – Road trips can be a lot of fun, even if it’s only for a short distance. Find somewhere that your group of girls can visit for a girls’ vacation and plan your route accordingly. Attempt to take one vehicle for your girls’ road trip if possible, or multiple cars if you must.

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