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Another gift from the Mediterranean, SPONGE Skincare, hails from Greece offering “modern remedies with traditional values.” The name inspiration comes from the organic sponges cultivated on the island of Symi. It’s a tribute to ancestry, natural resources, and a clever analogy to the similarity between sponges and our skin. They both absorb nourishment from their surface. Even the blue-gray color of the bottles reflects appreciation for the sea and its mysteries.

The idea began 40 years ago in Athens when an Obstetrician, Dr. Costas Tympanidis, developed a natural leg cream designed to help his patients with comfort and circulation during pregnancy without harming their babies. Through word of mouth, his product gained a loyal following, and years later, his nephew improved upon the formula. Markos Lambros Drakotos developed a complete skin care line based on the original principles that made the initial product so successful. While currently based in New York, the skin care line keeps touch with its ancestral roots using the finest organically grown plant and herbal extracts in Greece.

The products have an extra-virgin olive oil base with plant and herbal extracts produced by a customized chemical-free, slow extraction process. Yes, what is good for your heart is also good for your skin. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, olive oil also soothes the skin, promoting elasticity and hydration for all skin types. The products are free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, propylene glycols, artificial colors, and fragrances. They are clinically tested without using animals and are considered hypoallergenic. The packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials, soy based inks and FSC certified paper. 

I had the opportunity to try three of the SPONGE products. On a review at www.dermstore.com Dr. Craig Kraffert described the skincare line as a ‘lifestyle experience’ and I wholeheartedly agree. Everything about the products is pleasant and stimulating. The Web site is interactive with the sound of the ocean playing in the background and options that highlight in color as you move your arrow over them.

The packaging is simple and elegant. Solid black boxes with color coded printing identify each product. The bottles are uniform in size and shape and made of heavy, light blue glass also with color coded printing. Black caps cover pump-style dispensers that are easy to use and minimize oxidation. It’s skincare with natural aromatherapy that nourishes your soul.

Gel Basiliko – sweet basil gel – This is my favorite. It is most certainly a gel, but it absorbs quickly and completely, leaving skin soft without feeling greasy. It feels like a protective layer against the elements. It smells green, very much like basil and lime, its key ingredients. Both basil and lime are known for skin brightening properties, a calming anti-inflammatory effect and balancing skin tone. Vitamin K from the lime has the added benefit of an anti-wrinkle effect. After two weeks, I noticed a distinct difference in the texture of my skin. It is smoother and brighter without being shiny. My pores seem tighter and my face is much less reactive to environmental stressors like temperature, pollen, pollution, and dust.

Krema Niktas – Night Cream – I enjoyed this product for the simple reason that it feels good and smells fabulous. It feels like a light lotion and has a floral scent with an added sunshine element. It just feels good. It is designed to replenish with St. John’s wort, linden, and sage as its main ingredients. All of these calm and even your skin tone, hydrate, nourish, protect, and promote cell regeneration and elasticity… sweet dreams while nourishing your skin.

Aromatotherapia Agrio Triantafillou – Wild Rose Aromatherapy Mist – Rich with anti-oxidants, this mist is designed to strengthen, protect, and hydrate your skin while also being a natural mood enhancer. It sprays on lightly and smells like wild rose. It feels very nice, but the scent was too strong for me wear for long periods, though I did enjoy trying it. 

Products provided free to writer for reviewSPONGE Skincare has been available in North America since 2008 and has become a favorite of stars Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes. It is currently available online at www.spongeskincare.com, www.dermstore.com, and in stores at Barney’s New York.  SPONGE has also created an exclusive line at Richard Gere and Carey Lowell’s award winning Bedford Post Inn.

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