15 Great Gifts for Relaxation and Escaping from Stress

Sometimes a gift of relaxation or a simple gift to soothe the body, mind, or soul can be the best kind of gift. From overworked parents to expecting moms to recent retirees, gifts of relaxation and presents that relieve stress can be the perfect way to show your love or appreciation for that special someone. Consider these interesting, relaxing, and unique gift ideas for those special people in your life who could really use a break from daily life.

Gifts of relaxation can be a nice treat for people of all ages. Whether you want a gift for a child or an adult, check out these relaxing gift ideas.

Top 15 Gifts of Relaxation

1.    Spa gift certificate
2.    Bubble bath
3.    Cozy slippers
4.    Aromatherapy oils and lotions
5.    Scented candles
6.    LUSH bath bombs or emoti-bombs
7.    Reed diffusers
8.    Specialty pillows
9.    Cozy hand-warmers or foot-warmers
10.   Gel eye masks
11.   Bottle of wine
12.   Wax tart burners
13.   Herbal scented neck pillows
14.   Snuggly blanket
15.   Fuzzy socks

From these gifts, I had the pleasure of sampling and reviewing a few items to recommend to you. First is a set of Fuzzy Friends Lady Bug Slippers by Aroma Home. The Fuzzy Friends Slippers are just one cool offering from this cool company that also features gifts like fuzzy animal computer screen wipes, plush toys, eye masks, and neck warmers, to name a few. The company offers countless color and animal options for slippers and stuffed animals or other gifts.

I received an adorable pair of lady bug slippers to check out and evaluate as a gift of relaxation. These cool red and black slippers have fuzzy red velour type yarn strands all across the slippers. The lady bugs have a cute face with black and red antennae and a cherry red nose. The lady bugs’ faces are smiling and their black spots are spaced throughout the slipper. The solid soles of the slippers have tiny rubberized dots for grip, but they do wear down after a few days of regular use. The slippers are supportive and comfortable, not to mention really cute. I got a number of compliments on them already from friends and family!

In my own experience, these slippers are great and they hold up to the test. My border collie pup has fully adopted them as her own whenever they are not on my feet, and sometimes when they are! I woke up one morning to find only one slipper at my bedside… the other was at hers! Despite her newfound obsession with my slippers, these things have held up beautifully. So, either I have a really gentle dog, or these things are as durable as they come.

Fuzzy Friends Slippers retail for $20 each and are available in a variety of animal options, including pink poodle, orange tiger, green frog, and more. You can order them at Aroma Home or at Amazon.com. For more information on Fuzzy Friends Slippers and other great gifts of relaxation, visit Aroma Home online at www.aromahome.com.

Aromatherapy type gifts are usually a nice option for anyone, even if you don’t know the gift recipient as well as you know a dear friend or family member. Another cool relaxation gift for people of all ages would be the Bed Buddy Foot & Hand Warmers from Carex Health Brands. These cool products are scented like a holiday cinnamon stick mixed with other fragrant herbs and feature a soft and snuggly, fuzzy fabric with a pleasant bean-style interior (It feels like rice!). The ingredients in the Bed Buddy’s fragrance are revitalizing eucalyptus, comforting clove, and calming cinnamon. This cool gift idea is made of 100% natural materials.

Bed Buddy’s hand warmers are like mittens, but not the kind you would wear outside. The foot warmers are like booties for big people. Both items have removable herbal packs filled with fragrant, healing herbs.

The Bed Buddy’s Moist Heat ThermaTherapy® is designed to soothe and comfort hands and feet with warmth or cold, depending on your needs. You can microwave Bed Buddy warmers to activate the herbal moist heat to soothe and relax your tired feet and hands. You can also chill the Bed Buddy products in the freezer for the cooler effect. For best results, place the Bed Buddy warmers in a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer overnight. (Although they are doctor-recommended, be sure to consult your physician if you have any medical conditions.)

A portion of the proceeds of Bed Buddy go toward breast cancer research. The Bed Buddy products now feature a few special color additions to the usual product line – now you can get a black and white Zebra pattern, a brown and tan Leopard pattern, and a hot-pink Lipstick color.

Products provided free to writer for reviewCarex’s Bed Buddy® Foot and Hand Warmers Gift Sets are available at Amazon.com and various retailers for $24.99. For more information, please see www.carex.com.

Remember, these are just a few suggestions for relaxing gifts you can give to the people you know in life that could use a break from stress. Feel free to come up with your own ideas for gifts of relaxation.


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