Creative and Unique Bridal Shower Centerpieces

From garden parties to tropical luau themes, bridal showers offer unlimited opportunities to be creative and expressive. They allow the bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom to select a theme and interweave it throughout the entire event. Pink Calla Lilies by Vera Wang (Courtesy of shower centerpieces are perhaps one of the most interesting and often colorful items at a shower. Here are some tips for choosing or creating beautiful and unique bridal shower centerpieces.

As you plan to select the shower centerpieces for the bride’s special event, consider the theme of the bridal shower and how you can weave together all the details. Debate whether you would like floral centerpieces, edible centerpieces (think fruit or stackable trays of goodies), sentimental centerpieces, or completely unusual and outrageous bridal shower centerpieces. Once you have an idea of the direction you want to go with the centerpiece, create a sample, if possible, to make sure you like the way it looks and lines up with your bridal shower theme.

Garden Party Bridal Shower Centerpieces

– Show off your bride-to-be’s favorite flowers, carefully tucked inside a beautiful ceramic pitcher on each table.

– Set a pretty decorative watering can on each table with the bride’s favorite flowers inside and spilling out.

– Set a beautifully painted birdhouse on each table. Add other embellishments as you see fit.

TaraSimone Powell, floral & event expert“With flowers for a bridal shower, less is more,” said TaraSimone Powell, Floral and Event Expert and owner of Barbara’s Flowers in New York City. “Use wonderful petite vessels with strong, bold blossoms on the tables or a small glass pyramid with three hand-tied miniature callas or French tulips.”

She adds, “Add a flirty and whimsical feel to your event by having an orchid and champagne afternoon and allowing yourself to not be so grown up with custom M&M’s and other ‘girl time’ details.”

Colorful Cues

– Fruit offers natural color and a healthy, useful option for bridal shower centerpieces. Create pretty fruit baskets or arrangements for your centerpieces, or consider ordering edible fruit bouquets, boasting pineapple, strawberries, grapes, oranges, and more. You could also introduce a carved watermelon. (Hey, you’ve seen how cool some jack-o-lanterns look!)

– Gather a mix of gumballs, jellybeans, or other colorful candies and place them in a decorative jar or glass vase or pitcher.

– Gerber daisies are a fast favorite. Gather bunches of them in different colors and set them up in lovely glass containers with hard lines. Rectangular or square vases work nicely for this idea, and you can add some ferns or other greenery if desired.

– For a fun and carefree, casual style, consider decorating each table in a different color scheme. You can get flowers all in the same color, and have each table showing off a different color of the rainbow.

In terms of exciting color, TaraSimone Powell suggests bridal shower planners “use vibrant color combinations such as raspberry and chocolate brown, Tiffany blue and cranberry, and tangerine and marigold. Also, don’t be afraid to use patterns, stripes, gingham or polka dots to the invitations or tablecloths.”

Floral Centerpieces…

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