Fall 2010 Makeup – Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in 10 New Shades

Every girl likes to play up her eyes every now and then, and Mary Kay is here to help! With a lot of muted colors coming at us for Fall 2010, what better way to add a little punch than killer eye shadow?

Pretty fall makeup colors review for Mary Kay 2010

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color boasts high-impact color that is long-lasting, crease-resisting, and filled with antioxidants. I can attest to the long-lasting and crease resistant aspects, and take the antioxidant claim on faith as a bonus. I tried the Copper Glow and Almond shades through one grueling, sweaty, and hot East Coast day during the heat wave and my eye color did. not. budge. In full disclosure, I was also wearing a primer which helped, but the eye color certainly did its part.

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color has added 10 new shades for 2010: White Lily, Silver Satin, Copper Glow, Almond, Midnight Star, Lavender Fog, Emerald, Peacock Blue, Black Pearl, and Azure. These 10 shades join 21 others already produced by Mary Kay. Mary Kay claims that each color is versatile enough for all skin tones, which I did not find to be the case. As a warm-toned girl, the blues and the greens did not flatter. The colors made for warm tones, however, looked fantastic. I got a ton of compliments on the Copper Glow, which has supplanted my more expensive copper eye color as my go-to shade. I can only imagine that the cool colors would pop just as beautifully on a cool-skinned girl.

Products provided free to writer for reviewEach eye color retails for $6.50 for a standard compact amount size of powder. To get your own, you can find a Mary Kay representative near you at www.marykay.com or call 1-800-Mary-Kay.

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