Labor Day Recipes

Make food with a patriotic theme for your Labor Day Party!Labor Day is a popular time to throw a party or host a barbeque. You can invite your very close friends or just immediate family, or you can throw a big Labor Day bash for the whole neighborhood and everyone you know. No matter what you decide, make sure you have some good Labor Day recipes to try for the festivities. You can get Labor Day recipes from your family for a traditional meal or you can find a ton of great Labor Day food ideas online.

Consider these delicious Labor Day recipes and food ideas or create your own!

Labor Day Recipe #1: Sliders on the Grill
Burgers are a classic barbeque entrée, but you can spice them up just a bit for a fun and unforgettable Labor Day recipe. To make your own sliders on the grill for Labor Day, follow these steps:

Ingredients for Sliders on the Grill:
–    Ground Beef
–    Salt
–    Pepper
–    A1 Steak Sauce

Recipe Instructions for Sliders on the Grill:
To add some zing to your burgers, simply add about one teaspoon of A1 steak sauce for each pound of ground beef. Add a dash of salt and pepper and make enough handmade burger patties for your guest list. Pat the burger patties well so that they don’t fall apart on the grill. Remember, sliders are smaller than normal burgers so they will take less time to cook and they will also need smaller slider-sized rolls!

Labor Day Recipe #2: Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob
Corn on the cob is a favorite side dish at many barbeque parties. This delicious vegetable tastes great with a little salt and butter, but… bacon? You might be surprised at just how amazing this combination can be!

Ingredients for Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob:
–    Corn on the cob (with husks still attached)
–    Uncooked bacon
–    Basin of Water (to soak corn husks)

Recipe Instructions for Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob:
Bacon-wrapped corn on the cob isn’t tough to make but sometimes it is nice to have a few helpers for the prep work. To make your own baconated corn, follow these steps:

1.    Remove the silk hairs from each corn cob but do not remove the leaves.
2.    Place each corn cob in the basin of cold water to soak for 20 minutes.
3.    After soaking, gently move the leaves out of the way and wrap one piece of bacon around each corn on the cob.
4.    Pull the leaves back up to cover the corn.
5.    Wrap with tin foil if desired.
6.    Cook on the grill until bacon is fully done.

This is a messy dish but the taste is well worth the hassle!

Labor Day Recipe #3: Red, White, and Blue Fruit Dessert
For a patriotic holiday like Labor Day, it only seems right that at least one of the recipes be colored appropriately. You can easily accomplish this with a fruit tray or fruit salad and marshmallow crème dip.

Ingredients for Red, White, and Blue Fruit Dessert:
–    8 oz. softened cream cheese
–    7 oz. marshmallow crème
–    Strawberries
–    Raspberries
–    Blueberries
–    Watermelon
–    Other fruit as desired

Recipe Instructions for Red, White, and Blue Fruit Dessert:
You can take a lot of creative liberties with your fruit dessert for Labor Day parties. A fruit based dessert can be a truly refreshing treat, especially on a hot day. The marshmallow fluff dip is the white in your red, white, and blue, and the colors of the fruit should take care of the red and blue colors. To create your own festive Labor Day fruit display for your party, follow these steps:

1.    Wash and cut your fruit as desired.
2.    Hollow out a watermelon to hold your fruit salad or fruit display. Through the process, make chunks or spheres of watermelon fruit.
3.    Combine cream cheese and marshmallow crème to create the fluffy fruit dip.
4.    Scoop the fruit dip into a fancy dish that fits inside of the watermelon or something that looks nice next to it.
5.    Serve chilled!

These are just a few Labor Day recipes for you to enjoy. We’ve shared an entrée, a side dish, and a dessert for your Labor Day party food ideas, but you can easily come up with more ideas for Labor Day recipes and menu items. Search online for more fun and festive tips for this patriotic long holiday weekend!


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