20 Common Habits that Make You Look Older Faster

Coffee can make you look older faster!If you are wondering what you can do to keep your skin and your appearance looking younger without expensive creams and treatments, you are in luck. Dr. David Bank, President of the New York State Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, has pinpointed the top 20 daily habits we engage in that speed up the aging process for our skin. Rather than wonder what causes you to age or going by trial and error to delay the aging process, find out the top 20 common habits that age your skin.

Once you know what is causing your skin to age faster, you can more easily curb those habits or avoid them altogether. Check out these top 20 daily habits that age your skin from Dr. Bank.

Top 20 Skin Aging Culprits from Dr. David Bank

1. Overdosing on coffee / caffeineStress can be a factor in looking older sooner.

2. Stress

3. Not knowing your skin type

4. Chewing gum

5. Your DNA

6. Facial expressions

7. Not exercising

8. Chemicals in your sun screen (Octocrylene)

9. Being angry

10. Your manicure (UV Lamps)

11. Cutting fruits and vegetables from your diet

12. Sleeping on your side / face down

13. Skimping on your daily moisturizer Smoking definitely accelerates the aging process!

14. Skipping your yearly visit to the dermatologist

15. Not drinking your standard eight cups of water a day

16. Not getting enough essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins

17. Not getting enough quality sleep

18. Not exfoliating

19. One too many cocktails and cigarettes

20. Skipping the SPF

Did you also know that your state of mind might have an impact on your skin’s condition? Many doctors agree that various skin conditions can be a result of psychosomatic factors. You can try various products such as β-endorphin boosting skincare treatments to ensure your skin looks healthy and radiant as long as possible.

“Knowing the aging culprits is the first step to keeping your skin looking young and refreshed,” says Dr. Bank. “Learning how to combat the aging process is second.”

About the Expert:
Dr. David Bank is president of the New York State Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. For more information, please see the Web site for The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery at www.thecenterforderm.com.


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