LUSH Product Reviews: Glorious Mud, Grass Body Wash, and More

If you’ve ever been fond of long baths and extended shower time, then you’re really going to love this company, their products and the prices. LUSH is all about making their customers happy by bringing an all natural, freshly handmade product line that’s great for the skin and intoxicatingly addictive to the senses.

About the Product: LUSH beauty products are freshly handmade cosmetics for bath, shower, hair, skincare, and fragrance. The products are made fresh from organic fruits and vegetables. They also use the finest essential oils and safe synthetics that result in very aromatic products that will leave you feeling soft, clean, and fresh. The fragrances of many of the products linger beautifully through your day. For the purposes of my review, I received LUSH Glorious Mud, Grass body wash, Stepping Stone for smooth and soft feet, and Ultrabalm body balm to fix up minor scrapes.

Where to Purchase:
You can purchase LUSH products online at

Pros: Great prices, awesome bath time products, and beautiful gift sets make LUSH a winner for sure. The atmosphere of the Web site makes ordering from them so much more rewarding. The Web site seems to take on a personality of its own. It’s very inviting and makes you want to stick around and browse for a long time.

Cons: The only downfall to these products is that some of them (such as the Body Balm) don’t have that much of a smell. I know that the balm serves a purpose; to smooth any dry and chaffed skin. Sometimes though, for most people, the smell (or lack of) will determine the avid use of that product.

My Thoughts: Have you ever smelled the rain before it comes… or the spring flowers before they bloom? It does something to the senses. It makes you feel alive. After all, these are the smells of this beautiful home we share. This home called Earth.

Through the use of these products, I felt emotionally drawn to the imaginations of being outside; one with nature. I smelled the clay from the Atlas Mountains while soaking in my tub with Glorious Mud.

Next I sniffed the fresh cut grass as I washed my body clean and then smelled freshly squeezed lemons and pure sea salts as I scrubbed the bottoms of my feet with a foot scrub. This was all before finally starting my day.

I really enjoyed the bath products and especially loved the smell and feel of the fresh mown lawn body wash — talk about a very earthy green smell. It was really nice. It awoke my senses and just made my day rich with color. I’m such a “Lush” for these smells and a new fan for this line!

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: Product samples were provided by Lush for the purpose of my candid review. I was not gifted with any monetary compensation nor does receiving product influence my thoughts and/or opinions.

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