Pink Ribbon Product Guide – Shop for the Cure: October 2010 and Beyond

The Beijo Pinky Promise Bag is an eye-catching pink ribbon purse that donates to a breast cancer charity.In keeping with tradition, Life Love Beauty releases a Pink Product Shopping Guide each October to help inspire us all to Think Pink in our daily shopping whenever we can. The beauty of the products and companies partnering with various breast cancer organizations and charities is that many of the products are ones we would buy anyway, or those that would make a great gift for someone. The pink product shopping guide includes everything from food and sweet treats to office supplies, gadgets, jewelry, clothing, and accessories, to name just a few. This guide of pink ribbon products for October 2010 and beyond offers you a great way to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to help women in need.

It’s easy to shop for the cure by choosing products and gifts that include a special breast cancer donation. Our guide of breast cancer donation purchases spans this October and in some cases throughout the year. In this pink ribbon product guide, we’ve searched and scoured to find as many brands as possible that have teamed up to find a cure for breast cancer. While our list is not completely comprehensive, you can find a lot of great pink products and gift ideas here for any occasion. Don’t skip our last page of miscellaneous pink ribbon items either! It’s full of cool products and services that might surprise you.

It’s easy to do your part in the fight for a cure, especially when you can contribute to breast cancer awareness, research, and support while picking out really cool pink ribbon products to enjoy or share with your friends and loved ones.

In our 2010 pink ribbon product guide you will find countless breast cancer awareness products and pink ribbon items that donate to breast cancer research, support, and prevention with every purchase during the month of October, or in some cases, indefinitely. Check out our categories of breast cancer donation purchases that contribute toward breast cancer awareness, research, support, and prevention.

From clothing and accessories to beauty items, housewares, and more, you can make a difference while freshening up your wardrobe or improving the condition of your home. Many of these products actually are the color pink, making a great fit for anyone who likes the color. Even if you just want to help a great cause, consider checking out some pink ribbon clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. No matter how great or small, your breast cancer donation purchase makes a difference in the fight for a cure. Join the effort with these companies to help increase funding for breast cancer research and support.

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  1. Thank you for posting all of this useful information. Every year I buy my sister many gifts for her birthday with supporting the cure, also. This helps me make purchases in supporting breast cancer awareness. Please keep up the good work!

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