Product Review: Native Remedies Nail-Rx for Beautiful and Healthy Nails

My nails are a bit worse for wear these days, so I’ve been trying to be a bit gentler with them. I’m not sure if I am leaving my nail polish on too long, washing too many dishes (if only!), or what! When I heard about Native Remedies Nail-Rx, a natural and herbal product designed to give you healthy and beautiful nails, I couldn’t wait to try it. When I removed the protective seal and opened the bottle, I couldn’t believe my luck.

Anything you already know about nail products and nail polish, forget it right now. The awful stench of nail polish and nail polish remover, mainly acetone, is nowhere to be found here. I should have seen it coming, and I did, but I was still very surprised at the immediacy of the pleasant lemony fragrance that escaped the bottle when I unscrewed the cap. Native Remedies Nail-Rx contains tea tree oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, and clove oil – the perfect cocktail of essential oils for a fragrance you’ll love to use as often as you possibly can!

I followed the directions and applied a small amount of Native Remedies Nail-Rx to a Q-tip and gently swabbed it onto my fingernails and toenails. They stayed slick for a few moments, but I was still able to type without getting the oils everywhere. The lovely fragrance still lingers beautifully about five or ten minutes later. The bottle says you can apply this product two to three times daily. I am unfortunately one of those people who pretty much always must have nails painted, so my applications will be between paintings. I am still excited about the product and the possibility that it could help to strengthen and protect my nails.

Native Remedies Nail-Rx is designed to help protect the nail itself and the nail bed to give you beautiful, natural nails. This would actually be a great product for those who don’t like to paint their nails or anyone whose profession makes painted nails out of the question. This herbal treatment for nails is one I’m really going to enjoy using for a long time to come, even if I do paint my nails regularly.

In case you aren’t familiar with the brand, Native Remedies offers a wealth of natural remedies for just about anything that could be wrong – cold and flu care, allergy relief, eye and ear health, joints, nerves, muscles, memory and brain health, stress, and travel care, among countless others. The Boca Raton-based company also offers countless remedies for pet health, including products for eyes, ears, oral health, first aid, fleas, ticks, skin and coat, weight, behavior, joints, muscles, bones, and more.

Native Remedies Nail-Rx is made in South Africa. This nail care product is available in a 12ml bottle and retails for $47.95. Right now Native Remedies is running a special where you can get one bottle for $37.95, or buy two and get one free. For more information on Nail-Rx and any of the other Native Remedies products, please see You can also order Native Remedies Nail-Rx at for $34.16 with free super saver shipping.

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