Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment Product Review

Got Hair? Infusium 23 has a product line to fit every hair type. The Repair & Renew Collection is designed to repair and strengthen damaged hair. The Moisture Replenisher Collection hydrates dry hair. The Frizz controller Collection smoothes frizzy, stressed hair and the Color Protector Collection protects and optimizes the vibrancy of color treated hair. 

Each line starts with a specific shampoo, followed by a conditioner and leave-in-treatment. Affordable and easy to use, they provide mixed results. Be aware that it takes time for desired results.

The leave-in treatments are light and work very well as a spray. They can be used on dry hair or damp, after shampooing and conditioning. Just comb through to the tips and style as usual. While the product is light and watery, it does feel like a styling product when dry.

After three weeks, the Repair & Renew Leave-In did give my hair a shiny, healthy appearance. It took daily use and time, but since my hair is very straight, it lost some of the bounce and volume it had prior to trying the product. On one hand, it helped with texture and held curl well. On the other hand, it felt like a mousse and I needed to wash my hair every day to get volume when I left it straight. 

On the flip side, my daughter has very thick curly hair, almost combination. It is coarse in the back and fine around her face, subject to fly-a-ways. It took a lot of coaxing, and again time, to tame her frizzies. Originally, we needed to saturate her hair with the Frizz Controller Leave-In Treatment. Again, it took over a week before we were pleased with the results. As time went on, less product was needed, but it helped to re-apply it later in the day. 

I actually dyed my hair a cheerful brownish-auburn to test the Color Protector Leave-In Treatment. While I love my color, I did not notice any difference between the Moisture Replenishing Leave-In Treatment and the Color Protector Leave-In Treatment. Both products kept my hair hydrated and my color looked healthy with shine and no obvious fading. Again my hair lost volume when straight, but held curl well.     

The products are not ‘WOW, AMAZING’ instant cures, but they do a very nice job over time. Figure in that they are affordable and easy to use; they are worth a try. Results might also be better if you use the entire collection – shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in. Everyone’s hair is different and they could be perfect for yours.

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