Luscious Lips for Fall – Mary Kay 2010

I am trying to embrace being a grown up, and for me, that means embracing lip color. I’ve always played up my eyes and let my lips go with just a little Chapstick. But I’ve experimenting over the past few years and Mary Kay graciously provided two lip products for me to play with.

First up: Mary Kay Liquid Lip Color. Mary Kay describes this as a combination of a lipstick and a lip gloss: the pigmentation of a lipstick, the feel of a lip gloss. There were tons of things to like about this product: it’s easy to apply (almost mistake-proof), can be applied with a light or heavy touch, and feels good on the lips. The color choices were great, although some of them were similar to each other.

The only fault I had with this lip product, unfortunately, is something it does not claim to do: last a long time. Every time my lips touched anything, traces of color were left behind. By the end of an hour, my lips were back to natural. Fortunately, Liquid Lip Color is easily transportable for the many reapplications you will need. At $13 a pop, I’d hold out for something better.

Something like Mary Kay Creme Lipstick (also $13 per). Mary Kay introduces 11 new shades of their classic lip color, which gives tons of color variety from the dramatic to the natural for any kind of girl. This lipstick is creamy and dreamy and almost all of the colors I tried were flattering. I especially loved Copper Star and Sunlit Sand for a golden fall look, and Pink Passion and Sunny Citrus for a great date look. One day I’ll find a reason for Midnight Red. This lipstick even tasted good, but not so good that I was tempted to lick it off.

The colors look great and are easy to apply. Like the Liquid Lip Color, they aren’t particularly long-lasting, although they last longer than the Liquid Lip Color and with a lip gloss on top were fine. Bottom line: they looked fantastic and made my lips feel good which is almost good enough to break me of my chapstick-only lip policy.

Like with all Mary Kay products, you can get them online at or by seeing your Mary Kay representative. I’d certainly recommend doing so!


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